Cooking and technology may not seem like they go hand in hand, but with today’s top kitchen gadgets, a little integration goes a long way. By combining your love of cooking with handy apps for your smartphone or tablet, you can create more delicious meals than ever before. Here are some of the top ways to keep your kitchen connected to your smartphone for easier slicing, dicing, baking, boiling, mixing, and more.

Range Smart Thermometer

Getting the perfect temperature for your meats is easier said than done. Taking the pan in and out of the oven again, and again doesn’t exactly make for easy temperature control. But by upgrading to a Range Smart Thermometer, you don’t have to hover over your roasts any longer. Just download the app to your smartphone, insert your thermometer, and you’re good to go. Your app will alert you when you reach the ideal temperature for your meal.


The Range Smart Thermometer comes with handy extras in the app, too. You can find the recommended temperatures for various types of meat along with cooking tips and meal ideas. Plus, the remote alert lets you get other things done outside the kitchen while you wait for your meat to cook.

Orange Chef Countertop

Tracking your nutrition often involves lots of weighing ingredients, logging minuscule details, and looking up complex nutritional information. But with an Orange Chef Countertop smart scale, you can get all those benefits without all the work. Just connect the scale to the app on your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll get a read-out of what your ingredients weigh. It’ll track what you’ve eaten so you don’t have to write it down yourself.


Another benefit with an Orange Chef Countertop is that the app will let you know all about the nutritional breakdown of each ingredient. That makes it so easy to see whether you’ve met your goals for calories, protein, fiber, or certain vitamins and minerals. This particular smart scale also connects to Jawbone Up activity trackers, giving you a well-rounded view of your health and fitness progress.

Lynx SmartGrill

If you love to throw a backyard BBQ but hate having to hang out at the grill all day, check out the Lynx SmartGrill. This amazing grill links all your grilling tasks to your smartphone, so you barely have to do any work to get perfectly cooked food. The infrared grill is gas-based and has a related app that controls everything. It helps you find the perfect placement on the grill for optimal cooking and accesses an online database to ensure that the proper cooking time is used.


One of the best things about the Lynx SmartGrill is that it lets you move away from the grill at times. Pair this appliance with a Samsung Galaxy S7 from T-Mobile and you’ll be able to use the bright, clear display to keep track of your food’s progress as it cooks. Alerts and notifications over your phone’s reliable network will let you know if you need to return to turn your food or take it off the heat.


If you really want to make cooking a no-hassle undertaking, you need a Pantelligent smart pan. This unique connected frying pan helps cooks create perfectly cooked meals with step-by-step help. Pair it with an app to get instructions for whipping up a delicious recipe. Then, while you cook, the pan will let you know which step is next while also giving you real-time temperature feedback from the pan. The sensor allows the app to tell you exactly when to flip a filet, add the next ingredients, or adjust the heat.


The built-in recipes make it easy to create recipes with little effort or confusion. Plus, if you’re a picky chef, you can adjust a recipe according to your tastes — the app will save your preferences.

Who knew cooking was so smartphone-friendly? With these great gadgets and apps, you can create absolutely delicious meals any time you want.

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