Video games, many kids love them more than chocolates. However, parents discourage their children from engaging in the said games because of the notion that they hinder these young ones from becoming productive and responsible individuals. This should not be the case because computer games for kids can help these children develop essential attributes that may help them become successful adults. Some of them are explained below.

Make accurate and quick decisions

A myriad of studies that are performed by reputable professionals suggest that there is a strong connection between playing fast-paced video games and coming up with accurate and snappy decisions.

Compared to slower-paced games that come with specific solutions, fast-paced ones that usually feature unpredictable challenges and threats play essential roles when it comes to decision-making. Perhaps this is because of the fact that gamers who play them tend to respond faster and with incomparable accuracy.

Enhance hand-eye coordination

Researchers also suggest that engaging in video games can drastically boost hand-eye coordination. Basically, children who participated in controlled studies do not lose games in video games or in lab tests because of their refined visual cognition.

A separate study that was performed by the Israel Medical Center, New York showed that surgeons who played video games are more likely to excel in simulated surgery courses. This just confirms that computer games for kids can be used by adults who want to improve their hand-eye coordination.


Improving decision-making and hand-eye coordination are only some of the benefits that can be obtained from playing video games. Therefore, parents should encourage their children to engage in such activity in moderation. Moderation is the key because the mentioned games are addictive and too much of them may actually do more harm than good.

Indeed, playing video games can have a positive impact on children. However, parents should set rules on how much time should be allotted to them and what kind of games these young ones will play.

By doing this, the benefits of computer games can be achieved and their adverse effects can be controlled.

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