The Christmas season brings with it the act of gift giving and all just enjoy this exchange of gifts and goodies. What’s better than receiving some of the best and fantastic gadgets of 2012 from our loved ones? Winter holidays are the best time to get them and technology has crossed all leap and bounds coming up with better and better gadgets every year. Be it giving or receiving lets find some smart and super cool Christmas gadgets of 2012.

A Smart-pen:- Type what you write

We have heard of smart phone now its Smart pen. You need to whisper to your pen what to write in simple words. Its voice recording system can record what you are going to write. Then as you write along it coordinates and writes the content. It writes, converts it into editable text, writes on any paper, anytime and Exports content to PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. A great gift for all you smart entrepreneurs who can use this to quickly take notes and it just occupies the space of your normal pen. This one’s really super cool.

by pennstatelive

Solar Chargers:- Go green

Sounds new again and that the reason you need to gift it your loved ones simply because it is unique and unheard and definitely a great innovative idea. Solar chargers for iphones will be liked by all those who either have solar iphones or would like to change to solar iphones. They are slim, lightweight, cost effective and portable. Now let the power of the sun charge up your iphones or laptops.

by Wikimedia Commons

Bluetooth Glove: – Talk to your hand

Keep the winter at bay by using the latest technology, the newest innovation by using the Bluetooth gloves. This Bluetooth enabled gloves “Hi Call” lets you talk through your hands with its specially designed gloves which have a speaker on the left hand and a microphone in the thumb and compatible with all mobile phones. These gloves can be the most sought after Christmas gift you can get your hands on.

Poseidon patio heater:- Feel the heat, beat the cold

If you live in that part of the world where you are enjoying a white Christmas with snow all over, you still can enjoy the outdoors without actually freezing by using the Poseidon patio heater. A great gift idea for friends and family to beat the cold. By placing this slim long chill chaser anywhere outdoor you can get upto 13-foot heating radius and a max 2,700-watt heat setting and since it works on electricity there is no danger of fire and flames. To top it there is a 4GB small media player for you entertainment be it movies or mp3 songs. Hey but watch don’t go too close, keep the distance.

Liquid Laser Light Show: – Mesmerizing Indoor lights

You can gift a light lazer show and let them enjoy the fantastic laser colours in the comfort of their house and even brighten up their party indoors.  Beautiful dazzling futuristic matrix of colours all across the walls just at the flick of a switch, you don’t have to go to the discotheque for that, have a private party and have the effect of a live music experience in your own home with the Mesmerising Indoor Light Show. A very thoughtful gift indeed.

LED Candles: – Light up your Christmas

Any Christmas feels Christmassy with lighted candles and to gift this amazing pack of three candles that work on remote control is awesome. They are the coolest candle ever which are stylish with is modern rounded wax finish design. A candle which can be used in houses where there are little children as it is harmless and no risk of flames. Each candle can burn for over 50000 hours and has timer option also. So go on and light up your rooms with these LED Candles.

by rexxgon

Kindle Fire HD 7 inch reader :- Small and handy

The latest edition in the tablet family is the cute, not so big 7 inch tablets The Kindle fire HD is a good choice if you’re gifting a child as it includes all parental controls and special application for more restrictions as well. The bright, brilliant screen, amazing Wi-Fi connectivity, booming speakers makes it a real great pick for gifting. So read along this winter.

Wii U: – Gaming time

Gaming consoles are a rage nowadays and you can gift the latest gaming console the Wii U, the grand successor of the Wii. Wii U is powerful and with its HD console now offering about 1080p output, 3D support, awesome graphics and a new controller. For gamers it could really be a smart gift. Game along.

by ze_bear

Sony SmartWatch

Watches have always been a gift which is common but the Sony smartWatch becomes a different and unique gift. When you can see your calls, text, use application, enjoy face book or twitter on a 1.3 inch OLED screen on your wrist and even get the time. Don’t you feel it’s a super watch and by the way this is not Star trek or any fiction serial, it’s what’s happening in 2012?

Sony NEX-5R

Capture the world with true DSLR amazing quality, great digital camera features built-in Wi-Fi, fast hybrid autofocus. A great gift for anyone. An easy to use camera with its touch based interface. This gift will really be liked by all so don’t think just buy it and bring a smile in your loves ones face.

These are just a few of them, it’s raining gadgets and the year 2012 is in the last leap to get to the New Year 2013. So let this season of gift giving be a really joyous and peaceful moment with loads of fun and excitement.  Merry Christmas.

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