Maria Kart Game pleased the Mario fans with its animated graphics and gaming controls. Those who have got bored with it now, don’t worry as Cars 2 Game by Disney Interactive Studios is in stores now to give you an express racing experience on your gadgets. You can play it on Wii, PlayStation 3, PC, Macintosh, Nintendo DS, TV game systems, Play Station at your home, while traveling or in your leisure time . Get ready to experience Cartoon Violence with family friendly Cars 2 game.

Cars 2 Game: The Movie Plot

Start your engines as Cars 2 game is in action.  It is based on an animated Pixar movie. In this sequel Lightning McQueen and his rusty tow truck buddy Mater head are racing in the first World Grand Prix. Mater helps international spy cars Finn McMissile and Holly Shiftwell in their top-secret espionage mission to save the world. Cars 2 game plot revolves around this spy world with the style of Mario Kart racing.

Cars 2 Game: Avalanche Software

Cars 2 Game with Avalanche software is great with more details. Cars can lift their tires to turn and move their entire bodies in different expressions. Voices are genuine from the Cars2 movie characters except for Lightning and Finn McMissile.

Cars 2 Game: Animated Graphics

Cars 2 Game features animated graphics better than the movie itself. Players can select from a range of 30 cars. Cars character from the movie are included describing their characteristics and speed.

Cars 2 Game: Sporting Modes

Cars 2 Game features three gaming modes. They include

  • Versus mode
  • Battle mode,
  • Campaign mode

Players can choose from six mission levels, free play, or multiplayer mode with up to four players. Training session gives you a gaming boost. All the cars in Cars 2 game have special powers which let you drive backwards drift, look backwards, sidestep left and right, jump, fire weapons at enemy cars, and drive at amazing speed.

Cars 2 Game: Racing Weapons

Racing weapons like machine guns and rocket launchers let you become a hero in the spy world of Cars 2 game. The racing battles, missions, tracks are based on visuals from all over the sphere including famous racing tracks from Japan to Italy.

Cars 2 Game: Affordability

Cars 2 Game is affordable and within the reach of your pocket. If you are buying a Mac version, it costs about $30 and for Xbox 360, Wii, or PlayStation 3 a $50 version of the Cars 2 game is available. For PC and Nintendo users this game is available with same might and racing action.

Glimpse at a Verdict

For those who liked Mario Kart but now are bored, Cars 2 Game is a great game to look for in the market at your nearest vendor with all the express racing action.  Avalanche Software has taken the game to another level with high quality graphics, digital sound effects and good gaming controls.

So, get ready to go to Express Car Racing on your gadgets with Cars 2 Game.

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