Caring for your car has never been a simple task. In many ways, it’s even more complicated to look after a modern car than an old one. What you will find under the hood has never been more complicated. But car maintenance is still possible, not to mention necessary.

So, here are the key things that you will need before you carry out the most basic forms of maintenance on your car.

The Knowledge

Knowledge is power, or so they say. So, if you want to look after your car properly and maintain it, you need to know what you’re doing. You should find out how the engine in your car works, how the brakes operate and why you need to replace the air filters. When you understand how your car operates and what each part of the car does, you will find that maintaining it becomes far easier. Spend some time getting to know it before you go any further.

A Manual

All cars come with a manual, so you need to have yours. There are so many guides and bits of information that are in your car’s manual. But so many drivers simply file theirs away in a drawer and then can’t find it when they have a problem. You should get to know your manual and read it when you first buy the car. And if you buy a second-hand car, be sure to get the manual with it. If the purchase doesn’t include the manual, then you should be a little suspicious. Although it is true that you can buy repair manuals on the internet for different car models, so see if you can find the right one for your car.


Every car owner should have some basic tools. These will come in handy when you do experience a problem with your car. Even something simple like a screwdriver can be useful if you have a problem with your windscreen wipers. You should also have a wrench for tightening any nuts and bolts on the car’s wheels. You don’t want a part of the wheel to fly off when you’re driving down the road. You can get basic car maintenance kits that will include pretty much everything you need to look after your car.

The Right Oil

Keeping oil in your car’s engine is very important. Without that oil to keep everything as it should be, your car could simply break down at any moment. And even if it doesn’t actually break down, driving with insufficient oil in your car will still cause serious damage to your car’s engine. So, you need to check the oil levels in your car at least once a month. To do this, you use the dipstick and measure how much oil is in there. If the level is lower than it should be, top it up. You will need to make sure that you use the right oil for your car too because there are many different kinds. You will find which oil you need in the manual.

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