Canon has come up with something that would attract the videographers, especially with its popular GL2. The company offers two HDV models that are specifically designed to lure the experts as well as the entry-level photographers.

It makes use of the same technology that was used in the XL HI; however this model traded the lens system in order to cut down the costs by one-half to almost two-thirds of the price to that of the higher end models. The XH A1 shares the same body with the XH G1.

Easy to Use

If we consider all the things on the whole, it is way more comfortable shooting with the XH A1 as it happens to weigh only five pounds, it is far lighter than the rest of the camcorders available in the market out there. All the buttons and the controls are placed in the right locations and they are grounded mostly by the function.

They happen to be on the same locations as found on the competing models. The sizes of the buttons are appropriate and the bumps as well as the divots in these buttons give out a tangible feedback to operate on these without actually having to look at them.

A large part of the camera’s architecture allows you to predict the speed and the subtlety with which the shifts occur during a particular shoot such as the focus, exposure as well as the zoom changes. The white balance adjustments in the camera are also pretty simple to operate and to know more about the controls, you can view the list of controls that are listed in the accompanied manual.


On the lens barrel, there are rings in various sizes and textures that can control focus, iris as well as zoom. There were a lot of complaints previously about the mushiness of the servo-controlled focus option and therefore Canon presents a slow-speed option.

Such option along with the distance read out would help to maintain a better control over the focus response; this would probably give you the same feel of operating the Panasonic AG-HVX200. Hence, the lens as well as the focus system work in sync and give out a very good edge to edge sharpness.

Product’s Unique Selling Points

  • Exceptional video quality
  • Very customizable
  • Amazing lens, visual stabilizer
  • Swift focus


  • Doesn’t have a 720p recording capability
  • Low-resolution LCD

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