Mobile Memory products are vital in presenting performance oriented and efficient devices to customers who always look for speedy solution of their problems. Samsung is a prominent name in providing latest semiconductor technology products to the mobile world and it took a step forward with the announcement of high density mobile memory LPDDR2 that is in the process of production.

Samsung 20nm class 4Gb Mobile DRAM

This wonderful memory product from the house of Samsung is high-capacity, slim and performance oriented product that will truly compliment the super slim and thin design of latest Smartphones/Tablets. It is anticipated that this breakthrough in mobile products will be a better substitute for 1Gb LPDDR2.

Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics for memory sales & marketing Wanhoon Hong said, “Samsung began expanding the market for 4Gb DRAM last year with the first mass-produced 30nm-class DRAM, and now we are working on capturing most of the advanced memory market with our new 20nm-class 4Gb DRAM. In the second half of this year, we expect to strongly increase the portion of 20nm-class DRAM within our overall DRAM output to make the 4Gb DRAM line-up the mainstream product in DRAM production, and therefore keeping the leadership position in the premium market and strengthening the competitive edge.”

This low power double data rate 2 memory (LPDDR2) will be very first 4GB memory that is based latest technology of 20nm. This upcoming memory product if Samsung is extension of mobile DRAM chip which is a key factor in making mobile phones faster and efficient with long battery life. Extensive growth of Tablet and Smartphone market induced Samsung to produce energy efficient and high density memory products that ensures long hours of battery usage and super fast speed for processing.

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