Green cars are in great demand these days. These vehicles are liked not only for their eco friendliness, but also for the fuel economy they provide. The green electric cars can be charged easily, and they work well for everyday travel inside the town. Battery manufacturer Boston Power is planning to bring electric car battery production into the US, with government aid. The whole plan depends upon grant from U.S. Department of Energy’s advanced battery and cell manufacturing grant program.

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Te Company has applied for $100 million in the U.S. Department of Energy’s advanced battery and cell manufacturing grant program, and $9 million in state loans. The competition is quite tough, as it has been reported that almost 160 companies are applying for the grant. The Department plans to decide about grants in the summer.

On Monday, Boston Power is scheduled to hold a press event in Hudson, where the name of its fresh auto battery will be revealed most likely. This battery was in process of manufacturing for several months. It is called Swing. Boston Power is expecting to manufacture batteries for plug in electric vehicles as well as all electric cars.

The cells used in Swing are the same as of those that are being used in laptop batteries made by the company. According to the founder and CEO of Boston Power Christina Lampe-Onnerud, the auto battery Swing is already being tested by many auto companies. The chosen location for future plant is Massachusetts, as the state offers incentives, and it is close to Boston Power’s research and development facility.

Source: news.cnet

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