Blackberry PlayBook is a fantastic addition in the world of best tablets; it has everything that one desire in state-of-the-art tablet. This tablet PC is powered by 1GHz Cortex-A9dual core processor and includes 1GB RAM; one can easily enjoy multi-processing with this gadget. According to Reuters, “PlayBook’s multi-task functions, makes it easier to jump between apps”

Blackberry PlayBook

Blackberry PlayBook is among the iPad rivals. It is right to say that RIM is on the way of open competition with Apple.

Honestly speaking, you might not be attracted towards this tablet after the first sight but it has much more inside it to catch your attraction. You can enjoy unlimited web browsing with its integrated HTML 5 format, fastest internet connectivity enable you to download unlimited apps. Blackberry PlayBook consists of dual-cameras i.e. 3 Mega Pixels front facing camera and 5 Mega Pixels rear facing camera. One can also record high definition 1080p video with PlayBook.

Blackberry PlayBook features 7 inches multi-touch LCD display with resolution of 1024×600. RIM has designed this tablet especially for business men; Playbook facilitates safe and convenient corporate data access with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. CNET wrote, “If this is the businessman’s tablet then it definitely looks the part”. Blackberry Playbook has been marked among the top 10 gadgets of 2011.

Comparison of Blackberry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad

“Tablet war” has begun, all the eminent multi-nationals are in race to provide best tablet to users. Let’s check out which tablet has the potential to increase the market share of its parent company.

1. Screen Size and Weight

As far as screen size is concerned, Apple iPad is leading Samsung Galaxy Tab and Blackberry PlayBook with 9.7 inches LED screen which offers wide viewing angels with resolution of 1024×768. Screen size of Galaxy Tab and Playbook is 7 inches, all these three tablets have multi-touch screen.

Having bigger screen size, iPad is a heavier tablet i.e. 680g as compare to 400g and 380g, weight of Playbook and Galaxy Tab respectively.

2. Operating system

Apple iPad operates on iOS 3.2; Galaxy Tab is an android phone and operates on android 2.2, whereas Playbook runs on Tablet operating system of Blackberry. One can access unlimited apps for Samsung Galaxy Tab from android market and app store for Apple iPad, on the other side operating system of blackberry offers unique tools for Playbook.
You might be surprised to know that Apple iPad is the Tablet that does not carry Adobe flash.

3. Processor

Blackberry PlayBook is powered by 1GHz Cortex A9 processor; Galaxy Tab and iPad are powered by 1GHz Hummingbird and 1GHz A4 processor respectively.

4. Memory and Storage

Memory wise PlayBook is superior to iPad and Galaxy tab; Playbook has full Gigabyte whereas Galaxy TAB has memory of half Gigabyte and iPad has 256MB.

As far as storage is concerned, only Samsung Galaxy Tab provides removable storage in the form of microSD card slot. PlayBook offers two storage options i.e. 16GB and 32GB and iPad offers three storage options i.e. 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

5. Camera and Connectivity

Apple iPad lacks camera, Galaxy Tab has dual cameras i.e. 3.2 MP rear facing and 1.3MP front facing camera and PlayBook also consist of dual cameras i.e. 3MP front facing and 4MP rear facing camera.

Blackberry PlayBook and Apple iPad support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, iPad 3G also support 3G, GPRS, GSM and EDGE. Samsung Galaxy Tab supports Bluetooth better as compare to Wi-Fi, like iPad 3G it also supports 3G, EDGE, GSM and GPRS.

RIM has already proved itself number 1 provider of business phones. Its inclination towards the tablet market is a strategic move to capture the tablet customers.

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