It is a difficult task when it comes to picking one of the three latest BlackBerry models. We have carefully assessed the three latest ‘berrys’ called the Bold, Storm and finally the Curve 8900. What would make these phones to be unique in their own styles and what actually attracts the consumers?


To begin with, we started off with the Bold. The BlackBerry Bold stands out completely different in terms of design direction for the company. However, it is obvious that the Curve and the Storm present a completely new look to the RIM phones. At the same time as the Bold might still come across as a handsome phone, it is assessed to be slightly out of shape and chintzy as compared to the other two phones. The plastic metal bezel appears pretty cheap as compared to the Curve’s similarly styled implementation that bares quite some of the resemblance to the Storm.


At the same time as we thought that they all possess the same functionality, the UI response time was faster and more accurate on the Bold as compared directly to the Curve. The trackball movement is actually less accurate on the screen with the same settings. The pixel density on the Blackberry Curve is far tighter as compared to the Bold and it borrows quite a few of the UI tweaks from the Storm. However, there is no improvement in the abysmal browser in Bold.


If we happen to compare all the phones, you would notice a huge difference in the colour temperature, just like the one we saw within the iPhone as well as the iPhone 3G. The Storm as well as the Curve is believed to have the yellower shade as compared to the Bold. It is impossible to mention as to which phone would be better than the other, however the blacks seem extremely attractive and better defined than the other two phones.


The keyboard differences between the Curve and the Bold are also huge and interesting. The Bold resembles the 8800 design by the RIM and with quite a few spacing as well as the font changes. The Curve employs the split key design that is also used in the previous models and is extremely easy to use for the consumers.

However, to conclude with, you would be buying pretty similar objects. Especially, there is a very little difference between the Curve and the Bold; it largely depends on the carrier decision here. Even at the time of considering the Storm, the general user experience is the same, but is amazing to see how far the RIMs have moved from the Bold’s style in such a short span of time. Regardless of which phone you choose, you would still be enjoying the best-in-class email experience.

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