Voice based software apps are selling like hot cakes because Smartphone users love to use such interesting and useful application on their gadgets. Apple launched Siri and opened new doors of competition in international apps market. This competition is bringing new and innovative things for customers because apps providers are busy in introducing Siri substitutes for iPhone and Smartphone users.

Following are best Siri substitutes for your trendy gadgets;

1. Speaktoit



Speaktoit is the top competitive application of Siri; you will find it best for your iPhone, don’t worry its Android version is also available that will enable users to enjoy it on their best Android Phones. Speaktoit has many striking features and most prominent among them is Social Media Sharing, it’s an integral feature and users can conveniently use it to share updates without depending on service of text messaging. The good thing about this app is its interactive interface that calls out the desired results rather than listing them.

2. Iris


This is an Android substitute for Siri and simply best for you if you wanna enjoy hassle free chat in a most interactive interface. The biggest lope hole is that integration is not so good which is the main “plus” factor of Siri. The best part is its features are similar to Virtual Personal Assistant.

3. Evi


Evi is more or less like Siri but you can differentiate it from Siri in many perspectives i.e. intelligence and accent, you will find it in typical British accent and it employs semantic technology for search. Evi has two edges over Siri first of all its processing capabilities are far better and it provides more appropriate answers as compare to Siri.

4. Sara

Sara is a Siri alternative that you can use on iOS (iOS 5) gadgets; this voice based app is available in 37 languages. Social Media Feature is main feature of Sara and it completes huge number of works from different contents like searching, reading newspaper and barcode reading.

5. Tellme


Tellme is best application for Windows based phone, basically it was launched as competitor application of Siri but its limited features are man drawbacks. Interface of Tellme is much like Siri, unlike Siri its search results have been linked to Bing Pool. You can use this application on Windows 8 gadgets, TV and other Windows based mobile phones.

iPhone vs Android – This fierce  gadgets competition is the root cause of revolution in international app market. To please the iPhone and Smartphone users, hopefully more interesting Siri alternatives will be launched in future.

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