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These days, mobile phones are not only meant for calling and messaging purposes. Instead, the fully equipped smartphones are rated for their wireless connecting options, camera quality and gaming features. Many smartphones are coming with highly enhanced gaming features now a day, as manufacturers are focussing on special attributes. People of all ages love gaming; and Christmas is just days ahead. Didn’t get the idea? Okay, let me tell you! You certainly have to gift something nice to your loved ones, and a great gaming phone can be one of the best gift ideas one can ever think of.

Gaming Phones

In this article, I am going to tell you about certain cell phones that have the best of all gaming features and qualities.

Apple iPhone 4:

This has to be the top gaming smartphone, because of the “huge” App Store Apple owns. This virtual marketplace has hundreds of thousands of applications and games for the Apple iPhone. There are around 70,000 games available for this phone in the App Store, which is highest number of games available for any other phone in the market. Yes, you will have to spend some money for getting your hands on these games, but many of these come free of cost. Therefore, if you don’t want to buy paid games, you can try the free ones! You can find games in almost every genre like Action, Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle, Simulation, Strategy and Word etc.

Accelerometer gives you nice view of the game, and easy controlling options. The responsive touchscreen of the iPhone 4 adds to the fun of touchscreen gaming. This newer version of iPhone also has a speedier processing unit, which also plays vital role in rendering great gaming experience.

While talking about the iPhone, I certainly cannot forget mentioning the Game Center. This is all about Social Gaming. It runs on iOS 4.1, and is more like a gaming community that lets you play against friends or almost anyone in the whole wide world who is also online on the Game Center. Leaderboards and Achievements give you the feeling of competition when you see high scorers as well as scores of your friends. Auto-Match feature gets you find an opponent for a multi player game. Speak to other players and make friends! You will certainly love the graphics of these games.

Spice X-1:

Spice Mobiles Limited manufactured a mobile phone back in 2008 which focuses on gaming. It has a 2.4 inches screen, 2 MP camera, expandable memory up to 2 GB, pre loaded games and Yamaha amplified 3D surround sound. You must be wondering why I am telling you about a phone with such ordinary specs. This is because of a dedicated gaming console which comes along with the Spice X-1. I don’t happen to remember any other cell phone that is boxed with a standalone gaming console. This is a great feature that brings Spice X-1 into our list of top gaming phones. Certainly, gaming cannot be made any easier. Perhaps, such unique features are attracting Sony Ericsson to acquire this Indian phone making company.

Android Based Cell Phones:

After the iPhone and its huge game library (the Apple App Store), Android stands confidently with its App Market containing more than 100,000 applications, a lot of which are games. Almost 57% of the Android Apps are free to download. As it is an Open Source platform, the games are usually free and the number of games is ever increasing. This is why Android has one of the biggest game libraries for its handsets.

Every android phone having latest version of the operating system can be counted as a great gaming phone, provided the screen is big and responsive to the touch of fingers. Following is a list of some of the latest and best android based cell phones that can be regarded as nice gaming handsets.

Samsung Google Nexus S:

This is one of the latest Android smart phones, which is also a wonderful gaming phone. It has a big 4 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen covered with Oleophobic surface and a curved glass screen that renders nice viewing angles. It is run by a 1 GHz processing unit that promises faster performance. Also, it is equipped with the latest version of Android operating system i.e. 2.3 Gingerbread. The three-axis gyroscope sensor (a device that is used for measuring and keeping orientation) helps in offering a smooth and uninterrupted game play experience when the player is tilting and moving the phone to its four sides. Also, this phone owns a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which further enhances the gaming experience. Get as many games as you want form the Android App Market and enjoy outstanding gaming with Samsung Google Nexus S.

HTC Evo 4G:

This phone has a huge 4.3 inches capacitive touchscreen, which is really big enough to provide a super duper gaming experience to the phone users. It has 1 GHz Snapdragon processing unit, which combines with the Android OS 2.1 (Éclair), and both work nicely when it comes to gaming. 3D games with high definition quality are available for the Evo 4G. If you get tired of the pre loaded games, you always have the open option of browsing, selecting and downloading new games (free or paid for) from the Android App Market. The plus point remains its real big 4.3 inches display.

HTC Desire HD:

HTC Desire had given all of us a very nice surprise with its decent specs and features; its latest HD version has done even better. A big 4.3 inches LCD capacitive touchscreen renders great gaming experience, when combined with 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and Android operating system 2.2 (Froyo). The fast and seamless performance enhances the whole gaming feature. There are some very nice features which add to the glamour of gaming in Desire HD like Cinematic Display and G-sensor. Take the example of Real Soccer 2010, where you get 245 teams, 8 leagues and 14 stadiums, along with voice commentary that makes you feel being in the real ground. Big screen gives you ample space to make easy moves with your thumbs and fingers (whatever you prefer while gaming).

LG Optimus 2X:

This is the first dual core smartphone; yes you heard me right! Imagine what can a dual core smartphone do with your gaming stuff? It certainly will be the smoothest and most seamless gaming experience one has ever had in their lives. Two processing units will make it easy for the phone to handle multitasking, and games will be played with nice speed and at good pace. It has a TFT capacitive touchscreen of 4 inches with Gyro-sensor which is becoming more of an essentiality in all latest game oriented smartphones. Android 2.2 has been installed in this phone, and it is upgradeable to version 2.3. Also, there is an option of connecting it to your TV (even your HDTV) so that you can enjoy your gaming to its fullest. This certainly has to be the best gaming phone around, once it is available in the markets.

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S:

Its 4 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen has been protected by the Gorilla Glass Display. The Android 2.1 runs this smartphone and it is upgradeable to version 2.2. This phone offers you marvellous gaming that is bound to make you an addict. Whether you play Asphalt on the Galaxy S, or you go for the Need for Speed Shift; you will be captured in the bliss of controlling a stylish sports car and competing with its rivals only by tilting the phone from side to side. Football lovers; you can have the best football playing experience with Samsung Galaxy S. Indeed, it is one of the best gaming phones I have come across.

Motorola Droid X:

By now, you must know that a big touch sensitive display is a determining factor in what kind of gaming experience will be rendered by that phone. Motorola Droid X has a 4.3 inches capacitive touchscreen, which is certainly “Big”. Processor is quite fast and is a 1 GHz Snapdragon. It is run by Android Operating System v 2.1 Éclair, and can be upgraded to version 2.2 Froyo. Connect it to your TV and enjoy your gaming skills on even bigger screen. Motorola Droid X is not going to disappoint you when it comes to gaming, whether you are a soccer fan or a racing enthusiast.

Dell Streak:

Here is the most controversial handheld device ever; everyone keeps on wondering whether Dell Streak is an internet Tablet or it is an Android based smartphone having huge screen!! As it has suitable calling features as well as it is expert in SMS and MMS thing, I am bound to call it a real nice smartphone. If no one has been able to manufacture a cell phone with such big display screen, calling Dell Streak a tablet isn’t the solution. Instead, they must concentrate on making something as good and as huge as Streak by Dell.

So, here is Mr. Big Display in our list of top gaming phones.

Streak comes equipped with Android operating system version 1.6, which annoyed the whole world. (Why to put such an old version when you are making a beautiful exemplary handheld device?) But it is nothing to worry about now, as it can be upgraded to the latest version of the Android OS. As an upgrade is available, so now you can fully enjoy the multi touch functionality with latest OS version. It has a 5 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen display that has been protected against scratches by using the high quality Gorilla Glass. The big and responsive touchscreen offers great gaming experience with the help of nice graphic rendering. Go for Asphalt and Need for Speed Shift if you are a racing passionate; or choose from among hundreds of games of every genre available in the Android Apps Market. Bigger screen offers more space for touch functions and gives better details of the game scenes. Dell Streak is certainly one of the best options for gaming phones.

This is all regarding Android. Let us talk about Symbian now.

Nokia N8:

It is a very nice looking smartphone introduced by Nokia running on the Symbian 3 operating system. It has a 3.5 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen which has also been covered with Gorilla Glass for protection against scratches. It is powered by a 680 MHz processing unit, which does not leave much impression after reading about those 1 GHz processors in all android based smartphones. You can enjoy a lot of nice games on your N8 like Asphalt 5, Angry Birds, Real Golf, Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD, Cricket T20 Fever 3D and lot more.

I hope you enjoyed reading about all these gaming phones and their capabilities to render great gaming experience. I hope you will be able to choose a good phone for your loved ones who are mad about cell phone gaming, as a Christmas gift. See you soon with an equally interesting article.

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  1. I love all these phones but you know the best gaming phone is the Xperia play by far

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