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The free download able applications for Windows 7 PC By putting aside the expensive availability of windows 7 in the market Microsoft has provided much free downloadable application which enhances the interface and working of Microsoft window 7. These applications make the interface more users friendly and enhance the features of the window. Below are some of the best applications offered by Microsoft and these applications can make your windows 7 experiences better.

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1. Microsoft SharedView

This is the best for those who work in an atmosphere that requires simultaneous viewing. It is a remote desktop and internet collaboration application for screen sharing, group chat, and sharing documents with multiple people in real time. It is a free downloadable program and now days it comes with a version 1.0.  The main facility of this application is that it can connect up to 15 people at a time. Any person can be invited to use it via IM or email. It is almost similar in its working with Windows meeting space that is included in Windows vista.

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2. Windows Virtual PC

It is a kind of virtualization program for the windows 7 operating system. Its previous releases were available for Mac OS X operating system but now the latest version is available only for window 7. This application lets you install a separate Operating System that works on independent basis without interrupting the main Operating System. The main benefit of having a separate OS is that you can perform any activity of your choice on it and if that activity involves some threats the main OS won’t be affected by them, it will remain safe forever until or unless you start doing actions on the main window.

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3. Speed Launch

Just like its name this program lets you launch the programs much fast than ever before using windows +C shortcut. It is too fast in its operations other than the conventional Window’s procedures and it lets the user to create custom shortcuts. It helps you to launch any program which you use frequently in seconds. It is so simple and easy to use in its workings. It doesn’t launch any program other than the pre listed programs and web services. This program is very wonderful in its functioning and it is best for slow working systems.

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4. Desktops

This application let you have multiple working environments on a single desktop. It allows you to run 4 multiple desktops to run simultaneously. This means that you can create an individual window according to your status i.e. Personal window, business window, family window etc. this facility lets you work in an environment that fits perfectly according to your current mood or we can say occupation. If you are working at office you can set the office window which will make you concentrate more towards your job.

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5. Truespace

This application is for the advance users who use Google sketch up for doing 3D related working. By this application you can render easily your 3D related work.  It provides real time lightening effects and a very advance feature for animations so this is best for professionals and for immature people this is not a good choice. With this tool you can upload building structures on a virtual earth.

6. Windows SteadyState

If you are managing social network on your computer, this application can prove to be best for your help in management of your site. It makes it easier to manage computers and user accounts over a shared network. Here you can restrict certain functionalities to the users more easy than ever before. Managing and restricting the facilities of user account is a very easy task for this application.

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7. Icon Editor

This tool is for you to create icons for your files and programs according to your choice, this lets you create icons by yourself and then allow you to use these icons as thumbnails for folders or programs. This tool makes you customize your icons according to your choice without any restriction of the available images only, design limitations etc.

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8. Autoruns

This facility lets you check the programs running in your computer or we can say that runs at the start up of window. It tells you how many and which programs are using your machine’s resources. So this is easy in tracking out some unwanted program and you can easily check out if your computer/machine‘s resources are using badly by some false program.

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These are some of the programs which make you able to maintain your window’s functionality and they can bring some more power to your computer for fighting against viruses and worms. These are not the only applications and tools available we have just sorted out the few best of them otherwise there are many other available to consider.

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