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Though the user manuals attached with almost every electronic product are pretty useful; they certainly do not tell you all the possible ways in which you can get the most out of your purchased good. You definitely get a clear idea of basic usage by reading the instructions of user manuals, but the tricky uses are always untold. For such tips and tricks, gadget experts are there to guide you.

This is why, I am here today with a host of tip and tricks that can help you get the most out of your top notch gizmo; the iPad!
Apple has a name in making easy to use and understand products. IPad is one of such products; easy to use and hassle free. But there are a lot of things that you would not know about your slate unless someone tells you, or you accidentally discover them. Following is a long list of all the possible tips and tricks that can make you do anything with your iPad that you want.

  • Audio/Music Tips:

1. Though the iPad has nice sound quality, some nice speakers (while you are sitting in your room) or decent earphones (no matter wherever you are) will surely enhance your audio experience.

2. A number of audio setting options are available for you to choose what you like the most. Go to “iPod” in “Settings” and look into the “EQ”. You will see a long list of audio options like Loudness, Small Speakers, Lounge, Dance etc. From here, you can check the option of your own choice. This is another way in which you can augment your audio experience.

3. It is infuriating to have no dedicated “Mute” button on such a nice machine! But here is the solution you need in order to suddenly mute the volume. Press the “Volume Down” button and hold it there; it will result in muted sound. As simple as this!

4. If you want to attain more space for your songs, you can convert your audio files to a format that covers less space.

  • Video Tips:

5. If you want to enjoy your HD videos on a big screen; you will need to acquire the Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter.

6. At times, you might want to watch the web videos in full screen mode. Well, this is quite possible. All you have to do is flick with 2 fingers, and your video will go Full Screen. Whenever you need to go back to browsing, flick back.

7. If you wish to see a YouTube video in full screen mode, just double tap the video and it will fill up your whole screen.

  • Battery Tips:

Good news! Your iPad is a wonderful gadget that has a nice battery backup time; 10 hours. Still if you want to know about some tips and tricks to enhance your iPad’s battery life, I have chosen some ways that can help you in this regard.

8. You can keep the brightness level as low as you can handle; this will save the battery.

9. Wireless options (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) take the battery as their favourite drink. Turn those off when you are not working on the internet or when the iPad is not paired with any Bluetooth device.

10. Charging the empty battery of an iPad takes 3-4 hours. This is why it is best to charge it in nights.

11. Keeping your iPad directly under sun or in hot environment will affect its battery life adversely. Keep it cool!

12. 3G consumes way more battery than the Wi-Fi! Try sticking to the latter if you need your iPad’s battery to long last.

13. Turning off or reducing the Push notifications will also save some juice.

  • Display Tips:

14. If you want your iPad’s screen to stay clean of smudges, it is better to keep a cleaning cloth with you at every moment.

15. IPad works very nicely being a picture frame. You can Picture Frame mode on your gadget and it will show your selected photos in a slide show preview. Go to Settings and Picture Frame; from where you can handle the settings related to the slide show.

16. Nothing is perfect! You might buy an iPad which has white or black spots on the display screen. Check your device thoroughly for such defects, and get it exchanged if you find something like this.

17. IPad dock has 4 apps by default, and you can add 2 more to this number. The process is simple. Press any app icon on the home screen and hold it down until it shakes and drag it to the dock.

18. You can change the wallpaper of your iPad whenever you want to. Search for your required image on the internet and save it. Go to Settings and make that image your wallpaper.

  • Apps Tips:

19. If you have deleted an app for your iPad, don’t worry about buying it again when you need it. Go to the App Store and buy your deleted app again. You will be told that you have already bought it, and whether you want to reinstall it. Go for the reinstall if you require the app.

20. If you want to add a photo to one of your contacts, there are two ways you can do it. Either you begin with the Contacts App, pick a contact and assign a photo (after scaling and moving it) by editing; or you can go to the Photos App, select a photo and choose the option of assigning it to a contact.

21. It will be pretty useful to make more than one user accounts for the App Store, with different countries. This will give you access to certain apps which are available for one country but not for the other.

  • Internet Tips:

22. Safari is the default web browser in Apple iPad. It is a nice browser, but not everyone in the universe likes it. Also, Safari is not capable of performing many tasks, whereas some other browsers have the ability to do this. You might want to surf the internet via some other browser of your very own choice.

Well, you certainly can do this. Some nice options include SkyFire (Flash video, full screen browsing, private browsing, Google reader and Facebook integration), Atomic Web (private surfing, full screen browsing, 1 touch tab buttons, multi touch gesture support, ad blocking) and iCabMobile Browser (full screen browsing, private surfing, downloading, ad blocking, Google Language Translation and 1 touch tabs).

23. Google has been set as the default search engine in Safari. It is certainly the most adored search engine all around the world, but you might be a Yahoo fan! Do not worry! Google can’t keep on hindering between you and your beloved. Go to “Settings”, “Safari”, “Search Engines” and check “Yahoo” to be used as your search engine.

24. How do others feel when they keep on getting your emails with the “Sent from my iPad” signature? All of them know by now that you have bought an iPad! I think it is time you change the default words! Go the Mail menu from Settings, and edit the signature there. Be creative and unique while selecting your signature; it shows your personality.

25. If you are a podcast fan, you can get a subscription so that they get downloaded automatically. Go to iTunes and select what you want to listen to. Keep in mind that this process requires a computer with which you can sync your iPad.


26. Safari offers you the option of Autofill; automatic fill out of your web forms. Choose this option from Settings and Safari; and save your time!

27. Have you seen that “+” tab in Safari? Well, this is a pretty useful icon. If you want to bookmark a web page, this + sign is your key to do this. Also, if you want a web page to appear on your Home Screen (this might happen if you visit that page very often), this + icon will show you the option for taking this action.

28. If you wish to clear all the browsing record, go to Settings and then Safari. Here you will see the options; “Clear History”, “Clear Cookies” and “Clear Caches”. Choose whichever you think is necessary to be cleared.

29. Do you wish to open a web link in a new page instead of the same page? Click the link and hold; you will see a menu with the option of opening the link in a new page. Also, you get a useful option of copying the link.

30. Do you want to have a handy bookmark option on your Safari? Go to Safari via Settings and turn on “Always Show Bookmarks Bar.”

  • Keyboard Tips:

31. I genuinely despise listening to clicks and beeps of keys while typing. Go to Settings and then to Sounds; here you can turn your keyboard’s clicks off.

32. Though the on screen virtual keyboard of iPad is a nice one, you might want to have a physical typing device in front of you while working on the iPad. Go for a Bluetooth keyboard; it might swallow your iPad’s juice quickly, but will save you the hassle of typing on the on screen keyboard.

33. Apple has a pretty fast processor, which does not annoy you while typing faster. Therefore, you must not worry about slow processing of the tablet; and can easily type as fast as you want to. You will not face any lag while doing so.

34. If you have to type too much on your iPad, this simple tip might help you. While typing, you will see your iPad offering you suggestions for the word. If that is the word you are intending to type, tap the space bar and it will be typed automatically.

35. If you want to turn the Caps Lock on, double tap either of the two Shift keys present on your iPad’s on screen keyboard.

36. It might be difficult to correct a typo if you don’t have the thinnest fingers. Touch and hold on the word where you went wrong, and a magnifying glass will appear to help you.

37. Your iPad’s keyboard shows a very nice key; the “.com” key! This is a good way to save time while typing a web address. If you hold down this key, it will show you few options like “.net”, “.org” and “” etc.

38. Here is one wonderful time saving tip! When you need to put a full stop and go on typing the nest sentence, double tap the space bar. It will not only put a full stop there, but will also add a space after it.

39. Tap and hold down the “!” key on your on screen keyboard and you will get an option for “Apostrophe”. This will save your time when you need to type the symbol.

40. Do you know that the space bar will put the spaces according to the number of fingers tapping it? Tap it with two fingers and get two spaces created, tap it with 3 fingers and get three spaces formed and so on.

  • Documents/Books Tips:

41. ePub Format of books is supported by the iPad. You can go and search for free ePub books on the internet and download them on your PC or Mac. Email those books to you and open your emails on your iPad. Store the books on your device, and there you go! Do not forget to check out the Project Gutenberg website; they have HUGE number of free ePub books to download.

42. If you are a Kindle lover, here is the good news for you! Amazon is offering kindle for iPad free! Get it downloaded and enjoy your all previous Amazon e-book purchases.

  • General Tips:

43. Grouping your icons under relevant categories will not only give your iPad an organized look, but will also save your time that will be wasted otherwise looking for a required app inside a mob of unorganized applications.

44. By now, you must be having the knowledge of copy and paste method. What if you want to copy a whole paragraph? It is a very simple process. Tap on the paragraph for 4 times, and the whole paragraph will be highlighted.

45. You might want a screen shot of your iPad; press the Home button and then the Power button. This will save your screenshot in the photo gallery.

46. If for some reason, you want to reboot your device, simply hold down the Power and Home button only for a few moments. This will perform your required task.

47. Many people are in the habit of protecting their phones and laptops with covers and cases. You can get a protective cover for your iPad, too in order to keep it safe from scratches and marks.

48. Press the Home button to access the Spotlight Search. This works for contacts as well as iPod. Searching via this option is going to save your time, for sure!

49. You can customize the Home button function if you don’t want to go to the Home Screen whenever you double click it. Go to Settings, General, Home and choose from the options.

50. If you are willing to let go of the iPad warranty in order to get hold of various features (that Apple do not let us enjoy), go for Jailbreak!

This is all for today! I hope you will make use of these tips and tricks to get the most out of your wondrous gizmo!

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