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Lipsticks are one of the basic necessities of every woman along the world. But choosing the best fit best fit brand and lipstick for you is a very difficult task as now you’ll see millions of brands and qualities of lipsticks in the market. They vary greatly from one brand to another in several things like their texture, color choice, depth of color and added ingredients. Below I’ll give the best 5 suitable lipsticks for you which will be according to your style and which could be carry easily in the everyday life.

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1. MAC Pro longwear:

Make up arts cosmetics commonly known as MAC is the best of the best leading brands in lipsticks. Its shades and textures have been commonly preferred by women along the globe.  It was mainly launched as a professional brand and now it is commonly available in the market. The Pro edition of lipsticks by this brand is amazing. Just flip the stick and apply the clear gloss. It is soft and comfortable to carry. You’ll love the way color stays all day even after breakfast, lunch and many other activities.

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2. Revlon Super Lustrous

Another finest brand for the cosmetics is Revlon. The super lustrous is one of the best finishes offered by the company. With 72 fashionable exciting shades it offer a widest range of color and variety for the customers. The color range is so according to the latest trends that you can style you best according to your looks.

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3. Semi-Matte Lipstick by NARS

Among the lipstick’s brands Nars is also leading brands and its sales rate is pretty much high. It is a lipstick enriched with vitamin E which increases the wearability and keeps the true color for long time. It gives you a wide range of shades for your style and looks. A highly pigmented matte formula provides a full-bodied, velvety finish. Once you start using this product you won’t go for any other product.

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4. Clinique High Impact Lip Color SPF 15

Clinique is also famous for its top class qualities and long lasting features. According to CLINIQUE’s claim they made every product after a complete survey of user’s needs and requirements. They keep the quality at their top priority. The high impact lip color SPF 15 is high in color and long in comfort. The colors can be carried easily for 8 hours and the shades for this brand are also very cute and vast in number.

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5. Addict lipstick by Dior

Dior is also no less than any other cosmetics brands; it also offers quality products with some very suitable prices. The addict lipstick by Dior is a high quality long lasting lipstick designed with cool fashion in mind. The Sexy shiny lipsticks with light saturated colors will make you crazy. It features extreme long lasting wear with show-stopping shine and variety of beautiful colors.

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These lipsticks are the world’s best according the choices and preferences of most of the women of the world. They can bring you style and quality all in one. As lipstick is the daily carried make up and it is carried by almost all women so the selection for the brand and color should be made carefully as it’s the matter of your image and style.

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