A hybrid car uses two kinds of fuels; i.e. it possesses an engine which runs both on electricity and gasoline. The kind of fuel to be used at a certain time can be chosen. These cars have gas engines with electric motors, and use combined propulsion system to boost the energy. Currently, almost every car manufacturer is stepping into hybrid car making. Still, we know who the pioneers in this field were; Toyota and Honda. In the following lines, some of the best cars among hybrid chain shall be discussed.

1. 2008 Lexus LS 600h:

It is a highly expensive yet beautifully designed sedan, with an enhanced environmental lineage and very fine driving performance. It comes with an Advanced Parking Guidance system. This system lets the car park at a proper place according to its own understanding, and the car takes pretty less time with no or occasional adjustments while parking.

As for the comfort, the driver doesn’t get typical aches and pains after or while driving due to the comfort provided by this car. Materials used for decorating interior are of high quality. Car’s system can be handled via an LCD, and voice commands. Pleasant display resolution show fine maps while navigating and the car also features live traffic reporting.

Product’s Unique Selling Points:

Excellent fuel economy and emissions rating
Advanced parking guidance system
Live traffic reporting
Very fine stereo system


Very expensive
Could have been better than what it really is.

2. 2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid:

By upgrading 2008 Mercury Mariner to a great level, Ford has come up with this new hybrid, featuring two technologies; Sync and Sirius Travel Link, bigger engine, more horsepower, and enhanced fuel economy. The engine automatically turns off when the car’s stuck in traffic jam or stopped at a red signal, thus saving fuel. Routes are shown in detail, along with the description of any hindrance present in the way plus possible alternative routes.

Product’s Unique Selling Points:

Outstanding voice command with Sync technology
Travel Link provides required info about traffic situation and fuel price
Automatic engine turn off
Hard drive based, rich, 3D maps


Fuel economy under EPA numbers
Not an outstanding audio system

3. 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid:

Packed with cabin features, this sedan uses Hybrid Synergy Drive; HSD. Inside the cabin, one will find a JBL stereo system with MP3 playback; Bluetooth enabled calling, the Plasmacluster ionizer, XM satellite radio, and voice activated GPS navigation. Plasmacluster helps eliminating injurious flying substances, thus keeping the inner atmosphere healthy.

Product’s Unique Selling Points:

Economical hybrid propulsion
Magnificent audio system
Bluetooth interface


Not very efficient GPS
Car jolts while switching power sources

4. 2007 Lexus GS 450H:

With comfort, economy, performance and technology, Lexus GS 450H is an affordable hybrid car. It features a powerful V6, with a high output permanent magnet electric motor, and 339 horsepower. Also, it includes a variable valve-timed engine, an ultra lightweight boost converter, regenerative braking, and variable gear-ratio steering and active variable suspension.

Product’s Unique Selling Points:

Environment friendly
Feature packed
Great performance


Minor problems with the variable gear-ratio steering system
Little hitches with GPS voice commands

5. 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid:

It is new-comer in hybrid family, a stylish and beautiful sedan. It comes with Bluetooth enabled voice dialing. Those who are into in cabin gadgets would have to spend more for optional Technology Package, which includes almost everything, ranging from GPS to Bluetooth connectivity, a 9 speaker BOSE audio system to a satellite radio, a rear-view monitor, a hybrid energy display; leather seats; a power moon roof and a lot more.

Product’s Unique Selling Points:

Lively drive
Economical car


Limited in-cabin gadgets, expensive optional tech features

Final Words:

These were the five top rated hybrid cars with their unique selling points and limitations listed. Many other manufacturers are stepping into the field, and the competition is getting tougher by moment.

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