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Today we are going to discuss about Smartphone (no more cell phone!) powered by Google’s Android operating system. Android is in market now for couple of years and to tell you the truth, for most of the users, it is better than iPhone 3GS. We will see features from latest phones and why you may consider one of those if you are in the market for buying a Smartphone.


The Good:

Loaded with everything you can imagine! This device is powered by the Android 2.1 operating system with integration of Google application or services and access to many hundreds of apps to customize your phone via the Android Marketplace. This has 4G connectivity with simultaneous voice and data communication capability. The device support incredible peak download speeds of more than 10 Mb/s; It also supports peak upload speeds of 1 Mb/s with an average download speeds of 3-6 Mb/s. It supports 802.11b/g Wi-Fi networking for accessing home and corporate networks as well. This device captures 720p HD video and gives you HDMI port! Next versions of iPhone probably have that! You can use Microsoft Direct Push technology to sync your corporate email into this device.

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From hardware perspective it has same power as HTC HD2 – 1 GHz processor. This is a Snapdragon processor, one of the real reasons why it speeds up everything–from playing games to watching YouTube or to opening working files. Also includes a handy kickstand which helps in hands free viewing. It has 4.3-inch capacitive display which supports pinch-to-zoom and tactile feedback technology. Compared to an iPhone (3 MP) or HTC HD2 (5 MP), it has an 8 mega pixel camera with autofocus lens and dual LED flash. Also great thing about the phone is it has memory expansion slot which supports optional microSD memory cards up to 32 GB size.

The Bad:

The voice quality with respect to just talking on the phone is mediocre and once you add talking over Bluetooth it’s downright poor quality. HTC decided to devote their time and energy to developing voice recognition software for text messages, posting to facebook, etc. yet surprisingly removed a standard phone feature of voice dialing via Bluetooth Headset. The voice dialing feature that comes with the EVO does not work very well and is certainly not hands free while driving. The next bad thing is it is not a quad band phone and only supports CDMA!

Bottom Line:

At this point this is the best Android phone in the market. However it is only available in CDMA. This makes your choice of carrier limited. Unless you are sure of the ability of the carrier and coverage of that company in your area, do not go for it.

HTC Droid Incredible:

The Good:

As the name suggests, this phone is incredible. Apps, internet, everything is fast, really fast. HTC Sense increases the features of Android 2.1. This Smartphone features an 8 MP camera and 8GB of internal memory. It has built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 3G. It allows you to customize your phone’s look, feel and functionality to your preferences. And because Android lets you run multiple applications simultaneously, you’ll be able to do thing like seamlessly switch between texting on IM and browsing over the web.

The phone has very polished design. The Droid Incredible is very advanced and does amazing things. For instance, it can scan barcodes and turn a taken photo of a business card into a contact. Also, it has Google maps which everyone loves. Live backgrounds are amazing as well.

Photo by Edlimagno

If you use some of the Google services or applications, like Gmail, Google Calendar, Picasa and Google Voice, you will love the tight integration. Google Voice setup is easy, and seamlessly leads you through changing your carrier voicemail over to it.

The Bad:

Battery Life: Even with all the auto-kill task managers and turning Wi-Fi and GPS off until you need it, the battery life sucks. There is a glitch with charging the phone to full capacity. But there is a work around.

Front Facing Camera: The phone doesn’t have a front-facing camera, so you might be missing out on technological goodies to come later on down the path (Skype to Skype video calls?)

Bottom Line:

You need to take a leap of faith when you are moving from iPhone with the HTC Droid. My call would be, if you can make it there is a very good chance that you will fall in love with this new and great device. The reasons are that the entire specifications beat the iPhone. This phone has a larger screen, more pixels, a lot better camera with built in flash, much more faster processor, voice recognition, ability of multitasking, and much more. You can have as many fun and useful apps on the HTC that you have on the iPhone. If you like to customize your phone you’ll find this device very refreshing to use. You can replace pretty much any part of the phone from your web browser to your texting application to your email program. You are not locked in to the software that was shipped with the phone.

My Touch 3G Slide:

The Good:

This phone has a great 4.3 inch screen with a full QWERTY keyboard. It has a 5 mega pixel camera with built in flash and autofocus lens. The biggest good thing about the basic thing most of the phones forget -The phone’s call quality is excellent and its 3G speeds are impressive.

The phone is powered with Android 2.1 OS which is latest in the market. Like HTC Droid, it also provides multitasking at its core because it is on Android platform.

The Bad:

Although it has a 5MP camera, the image quality is substandard compared to that. It is a midrange set wherein you do not have a very good hardware. The mediocre hardware paralyses the performance of this device.

Bottom Line:

It is a nice device with midrange user in mind. If you are looking for a decent Smartphone and not used in the past, this can be a very good starting point.

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