Christmas Gifts for Men

In this article, I intend to address all the women out there who are thinking hard to find a nice gift for their fathers, brothers, husbands, fiancés and sons, for the auspicious event of Christmas. Christmas is the hot topic these days; everyone is thinking about gift ideas for loved ones, decoration accessories, dinner planning and outing programs. Therefore, I thought to offer my services for helping you out, at least to some extent. This article consists of a list containing nice gift ideas for men. I hope that you will find it useful, and will be able to pick up a nice gift idea for your father or hubby.

I will split the article into different sections (for fathers, for sons etc) for your ease. Let us find out the best things we can present to the most important men in our lives.

For Father:

A father is the dearest and the most valued man in any girl’s life. A daughter’s feelings for her father are purest emotions on the earth. Whether you are still staying with your parents or have gotten married; your dad is still the most important person for you. Why not surprise him with a great gift this Christmas? After all, the dear old guy needs some care after devoting his youth for his kids and wife.

1. If you are living in a cold area, you might consider presenting a nice and warm woollen sweater to your lovely dad. You may also pack the sweater with a pair of matching mittens and muffler. The warmth of those woollen clothes will keep reminding your father of his little princess.

2. A digital diary or a PDA will let your father record his contacts, schedules, notes and addresses much easily than writing those down on a paper diary. It can also work as alarm clock, thus saving space!! Rather than having two or more objects, it is better to have one that can perform the tasks of all.

3. Does your father live by a lake? Then make him try fishing by gifting him a fishing tackle box. Try a nice set which does not only contain every important tool, but also looks great. Many manufacturers are producing fishing equipment sets which are of good quality as well as have nice looks. Your father will surely like this present, though he will have to wait till the end of winters!

4. Presenting a huge box full of golf equipment can make your retired father really pleased. A nice brand’s set of golf equipment containing balls, clubs, tees, ball markers and towels will be one of the nicest gifts your father had ever had. Or you can give him a Golf organizer case. Imagine your delight when you will see him smiling with shining eyes!!!

5. Surprise your father with a family photo album on this Christmas! Yes, you might leave him nostalgic, but what is better than indulging in sweet memories of wonderful past times? Your dad would love seeing all the family together in the photos and would never forget this Christmas.

6. Your father has become old now; he needs his stressed muscles to relax a bit. You can ease his limbs by giving him a nice massage chair, sofa or a handheld massaging device. I believe that a gift must be a useful thing; nothing can be more useful to your father than a nice massage anytime he wants!

7. Old age weakens memory! Your father might be facing this issue and believe me; forgetting everything every now and then is immensely infuriating. You can help him with the assistance of these little devices called remote key/ wallet/ pet (etc.) finder. Attach the receiver to the object that is forgotten mostly. Whenever it is lost, click the remote control you have in your hand and the lost item will give a “beep” sound. Problem solved!!

8. How about a strong rocking chair for your father? How much he is going to adore you when he will be able to sit down on that chair, close his eyes and just relax!! Make him smile, make him relax and make him love you even more with this wonderful present.

9. One of the best gifts for fathers is a fine pen; a limited edition would work even better. Go for any of the top brand’s limited edition pen, wrap it up nicely and present it to your Pops. He is bound to love it (unless he doesn’t know how to write!!)

10. The best gift for your Dad, in my opinion is a good book. (I always gift him a nice book on his birthdays and anniversaries, and he likes it more than anything else!) You can choose the genre according to your father’s choice; politics, religion, entertainment, literature, current affairs etc. You may want to try the Amazon Kindle which will spare your father sitting in the midst of many papers and magazines. He will be able to read whatever book he wants whenever he wants (provided he can afford it).

For Husbands:

Husbands work hard for wives and kids to give them a nice living standard. Christmas is good time to relax this hardworking man by giving him a nice and surprising gift. I am going to share some gift ideas with you, exclusively for your husbands.

11. Whether your husband already owns a phone or not, a nice new smartphone will make his eyes shine with joy. There are numberless options in the market from which you can choose one. There are huge touch-sensitive displays with fast processors, there are smart cell phones with nice operating systems and great keyboards, there are simple java based phones with awesome cameras; choosing the best is up to you. An Apple lover can be surprised with brand new iPhone 4; an Android fan can be astounded with a nicely wrapped HTC Desire HD; and a BB follower can jump with sheer joy after receiving Blackberry Torch.

12. Tech world has mesmerized everyone with the wonderful new invention called Tablet. Though there are not much options with us right now, but some very nice tablets are present in the market. iPad is on top of the list. Whether your husband is an Apple fan or not, he will adore you for gifting him an iPad. Other nice options include Samsung Galaxy Tab, Archos 7 Home Tablet and Dell Streak.

13. If your husband is fun-loving guy, you may give him the best gift of his life in form of a state-of-the-art gaming console. With latest technologies incorporated into the consoles, gaming has become more fun than ever. Microsoft has brought “Kinect” for the Xbox 360, Sony has “Move” technology moved into the world of PlayStation and Nintendo is after a non-glasses-3D-gaming technology. You will forget about your empty pocket when you see the heavenly smile on his face!

14. Watches have always been the best gift for a guy, and will remain so. Whether you go for a branded one or just a nice simple wrist watch, your husband will be genuinely pleased. Do not forget about his preferred brand name, colours, material and style.

15. Presenting a nice necktie with decent tie-pin and cuff-links to your hubby is a sweet gesture, which will make him smile. He can wear that on the Christmas dinner, at his official meeting or while going out with you to a ball.

16. If he shaves his beard, you may try gifting him a shaving kit that he has always dreamt of buying. Loosen your pocket a bit, and surprise this wonderful person with his favourite shaving products. You might find a gift set that includes a cologne, shaving cream, deodorant and lotion.

17. Though this might not be a unique idea, but a Perfume always works. Boss, CK, Armani and Versace offer many perfumes that smell awesome and are not expensive. You are his wife; you must know what his favourite fragrance is.

18. How about a good digital camera with nice storage options, good number of pixels and impressive zoom? This way, no event of yours will go by without him having captured it. If you already have a digi-cam at home, an HD video recorder will work great.

19. If he is a sport-lover, he will scream with joy if you gift him tickets to his favourite sports event.

20. Go for a pure leather wallet whether the old one has worn out or not. Owning two wallets won’t hurt at all!!

21. A great technology has evolved recently. It is a pair of glasses with headphones that when worn, provides the feel of a 52” screen just in front of you. Connect it to DVD player, gaming console or iPod and enjoy the big screen. Imagine how much your husband will love this gift; he might be the first among his pals to have these magical glasses.

22. Men are usually obsessed with having power more than anyone else. You may let him feel like a hero by gifting him a nice pair of night vision goggles. He will feel out of the world being able to see in pitch dark.

For Kids:

Your little son is also looking forward to having a Christmas present, more eagerly than your father or husband. Let us have a look at some nice gift ideas for him.

23. Get the little one something he has been dreaming about; a Sony PSP or a Nintendo DSi. These handheld consoles will suffice his gaming desires and he will always call you “The Best Momma!”

24. Kids need to go out of the home and play outdoors; this is very important for their healthy growth. Get your son a skateboard which will not only give him fun time, but will also enable him to bear pains after falling down.

25. He is working hard to be the best student of his class. A netbook will let him learn a lot; and give him fun in leisure time with comics and games. HP, Dell, Acer and Sony have produced some very fine little machines. After you give him the present, do not forget to keep an eye on his activities; everything has its positive and negative points.

I hope that you will be able to choose the best suitable Christmas gift for your father, husband and son easily, after going through this list. Have a great day!!

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