After the long wait, Apple has finally released its most advanced OS, iOS5. Featuring more than 200 enhancements, iOS 5 is a worth to try but before using it you should get familiar with some tips and tricks that will help you  enjoy this new iOS5. So, get ready to upgrade the new iOS 5 on your Apple devices. All you have to do is to connect your Apple device with the computer, launch iTunes and in the sidebar under the Version bar click Check for Update.  After rebooting your device you are ready to use your new iOS5. Let’s see 20 best tips and tricks to use iOS 5 better and more intuitively.

1. Get rid of iOS 5 upgrade error 3200

Whether you are using iOS 5 on iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPod touch or Apple TV2 , you can struck by an upgrade error 3200. But don’t worry all you have to do is a DIY iOS5 installation and you can get rid of this error. Follow these steps to remove the iOS 5 upgrade error 3200.

  • Download the file that your device requires.
  • Press shift button if you are using Windows
  • Click the Update button in the iTunes
  • Select the file and start updating

2. Turn on Private Browsing

Looking for presents for the upcoming birthdays and weddings?? Then Private Browsing is just made for you. Shop online and save your time. Follow these simple steps

  • Go to Settings
  • Then to Safari
  • And finally swipe on Private Browsing

3.    Apply Keyboard shortcuts

Now you don’t have to waste your time in writing the same long phrases every day. Just go through Keyboard shortcuts write your own phrases and get short and catchy keywords. For this do the following steps

  • Go to Settings
  • Then go to General
  • Then go to Keyboard and finally to Shortcuts to define your own shortcuts.

4. Get updated with Weather forecasts

Get up-to-date weather forecasts with the built-in Weather app in the iOS 5. You can get live updates only if Location Services are turned on in the Settings. You can also get local weather reports and a seven-day forecast.

5. Get Vibration Alerts

Don’t want to disturb the people around you with the loud music ringtone, then vibration alerts are made just for you. They will alert you when someone messages or calls you. Just follow these steps to set up your vibration alerts

  • Go to Settings, then to General
  • Then go to Accessibility screen and turn on the Custom Vibrations
  • Return to Settings and go to Sounds
  • Then to tap Vibration
  • Create New Vibration
  • And finally tap out a vibration and save it for your contact on the Phone app.

6. Be Social with Twitter integration

Be in touch with your social circle as Twitter will be always with you. The built –in Twitter Integration in iOS 5 let you enjoy with your friends.  To tweet directly

  • Go to Settings
  • Then to Twitter and fill in the username and password entries
  • Start Tweeting, capture a photo, find a location and record a video with the Active Button.

7. Obtain Location-based reminders

Heading for a new place?? Or going to visit a friend and want to get location based reminders. Then you have to follow these steps

  • Open the new Reminders app
  • Tap the plus button to create a new reminder
  • Then Tap Return
  • Hit the Reminder and then the Remind Me button
  • Turn on the At a Location option and select your Current Location
  • And finally hit ‘When I Leave’ and your reminder is set

8. Tag Places in Location based maps

Now iOS5 let you tag places in on a map. All you have to do is to open up the Photos app and tap Places. It will group your snaps by location. The snaps are pinned on the map. You can zoom to see individual shots.

9. Find your Way through Alternate Map routes

You can now reach places quicker and in less time with alternate map routes. All you have to do is

  • Tap a route to view its path in the Map app
  • Choose ‘Show Traffic’ from the menu
  • And you can see color-coded routes based on congestion; the green shows the least busy route.

10. Make your own Safari Reading List

Do you love web reading?? Then, Safari Reading List is made for your convenience. You can add your favorite web articles on this list. Just follow the steps

  • Tap Safari’s action button
  • Then hit Add to Reading List
  • Then tap the Bookmarks button
  • And finally hit the Reading List to see all your saved links.

11. Use Intuitive gestures on iPad

You can scroll, pinch and zoom easily as iOS 5 allows you to use intuitive gestures on iPad. The four-finger swipe let you switch between apps and a five-finger pinch let you take to the Home screen.

12. Format your Inbox

Fashion your mails with the new text formatting options. All you have to do is

  • Double-tap a word or paragraph in the body of your message
  • Then choose the arrow the rightmost of the floating menu
  • Hit the leftmost option
  • And finally select from text formatting options including Bold, Italics and Underline

13. Highlight your emails

iOS 5 also allows you to highlight your emails which are most important to you.

  • Just tap the word Mark in the subject line of your emails for the Flag option
  • Your message will be flagged with a shiny orange flag

14. Select Default email address

Now you don’t have to choose your most-used email account again and again while sending messages as iOS 5 allow you to select default email address. Just do the following

  • First go to Settings
  • Then to Mail, Contacts and Calendars
  • Then scroll down to Default Account and set your default email address

15. Send a Voice message

iOS 5offers a unique service of sending messages. iMessage allows the users to communicate freely using texts, photos and videos . All you have to do is

  • Open the Voice Memos app
  • Record your memo
  • Then hit the triple-lined button and select Share
  • Then go to Message
  • And finally choose your recipient you want the message to send to.

16. Get Notifications via Notification Centre

You can get notifications of all your activities via Notification Center as iOS5 allows you to do so.

  • Just go to Settings
  • Then to Notifications
  • Tap on an app to switch its alert style between None, transitory Banners and classic centre-of-screen Alerts
  • And check your Notification Center every so often to get Banner alerts.

17. Unlock Camera Easily

Now you can unlock your camera screen easily without unlocking the phone.

  • Just double-click the Home button
  • Tap the Camera button
  • And here you go, you can enjoy your Camera app

18. Make a photo Album with Camera Roll

Make your photo albums without the worry of getting the space filled up as Camera Roll let you do so. Just follow the steps

  • Open the Photos app
  • Tap into the Camera Roll
  • Tap the top-right action button
  • Start hitting on the photos you want to include
  • Then click ‘Add To’ and then hit Create a New Album’ buttons
  • And finally enter a name; your photo album is made

19. Apply Photo Enhancements

Apply photo enhancements via iPhoto tools. When viewing a photo

  • Hit the Edit button
  • Note the strip of options which include Rotate, Auto-Enhance, Remove Red-Eye, and Crop
  • And style your photos

20. Adjust Camera grid and auto focus

You can also adjust camera grid and auto focus in the Camera app.

  • To turn the grid on, just tap the Options button
  • To set the focus, just tap in on one spot
  • To lock exposure for your shot, just tap-and-hold together

So, enjoy the Apple’s newiOS5 with our best 20 tips and tricks.

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