Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are the cars which run on rechargeable batteries and gasoline engines, rather than just gasoline engines. Hybrid cars uses batteries, that helps in reduction of fuel emissions. Here are some facts about Hybrid cars:

1. Ferdinand Porsche in1902 invented the first Hybrid car.

2. There are three types of Hybrid vehicles:

  • Mild Hybrid: In mild Hybrid cars, an electric motor and a battery is used to assist the internal combustion engine.
  • Full Hybrid: In full Hybrid the electric motor and internal combustion engine, either work together or independently.
  • Plug in Hybrid: In Plug in Hybrid, the internal combustion engine works as a backup for electric system.

3. Most of the Hybrid cars use gasoline as the primary source of power. But they also have the ability to switch to the electric mode.

4. Hybrid cars are very economical, if we talk about the efficiency. These cars give a mileage of 50 miles/gallon.

5. Hybrid cars are environment friendly.

6. Most people believe that battery pack in Hybrid cars is very costly but it is not true, battery pack comes in 38 modules and if any one of module does not work, you just need to replace that particular module.

7. For a pollution free environment, most developed countries are focusing on use of Hybrid cars.

8. Hybrid cars have low depreciation rates than gasoline cars.

9. The US government offers a tax rebate to people who are using Hybrid cars.

10. Buying a Hybrid car is an absolute investment, as they have an excellent resale value.

11. Hybrid cars, top the order in fuel efficiency for mid-size cars.

12. The speed of Hybrid car is as fast as any other conventional car.

13. In UK, 256,000 Hybrid cars were sold in 2006.

14. Auto makers like Honda and Toyota, have taken initiative to improve on the existing Hybrid technology.

15. Hybrid car is very quite, unlike a conventional auto.

Soaring Oil prices has compelled people, to give up conventional cars and use Hybrid cars. Due to low emission, greater fuel efficiency, eminent financial benefits, Hybrid cars will be a great hit in future.

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