Best iPad Applications

The king of IT industry has arrived; still don’t know what is it? Just think of a device which is more than a fever than a device and you’ll surely reach iPad by Apple which is the first ever tablet by the company for the international technology industry.

Apple has being very intelligent in making the iPad reach the minds of people as the company has showed up many excitements for iPad in the form of its applications some of what were shown even before the release of iPad. Let me show you how much goodness Apple has brought for this ultimately portable device in the form of different applications that are bringing different facilities for the users.

1. SketchBook Pro

You might have seen this application on the iPhone but this is not similar to that as it carries some more advancement in terms of it technology. This new HD version of the earlier iPhone applications allows the users to make easy sketches out of artistic images and some really great tools are provided to make your sketch as perfect and nice as never before. Some of those tools are also used which you might see in the professional software like Photoshop or on the real artist’s shop.

2. Kindle for iPad

This can be easily called the most exciting application that Apple has brought for the iPad; this thing has also knocked my mind that why apple is bringing this application even that they have almost similar application called the iBooks and a simple answer for this query is could be that, Apple wants no limitation when it comes to technology. On the iPad this kindle application will allow you to read and download a huge quantity of books without that annoying greyscreen which you get from Kindle.

3. Netflix

Another exciting application for the online streaming of movies, the Netflix is one of the best applications for such purpose which is running on multiple devices and iPad has also got an advance version of that application. All the information you want to get regarding your favorite shows or movies will now be available o your iPad and you’ll love your experience of working with this application.

4. Adobe Ideas 1.0 for iPad

The iPad is getting more like heaven for the artists as another exciting digital sketchpad is now available along with some other art related applications. This applications is quite simple with some really creative ideas and tools, just trace out your photos, email different drawings as pdfs and don’t worry of the wrong work as here is a 50 level undo button for making you feel more and more comfortable.

5. Bloomberg for iPad

The Bloomberg for the iPad shows that the iPad is not only created for the fun lovers but the serious type of business related people can also get their benefits from it. The interface though seems quite clunky with the red waves floating over the black background but for the business related individuals it’s a blessing that gives them business news, stocks, major currency rates and many others.

6. FTP On The Go PRO

This is another application for the iPad users that shows that the iPad is not only for the fun lovers, but also for the seriously professional people. This application is used to view web and office files on the server and also for resizing and storing images from your photo library. The built in editor and browser also adds up to the facilities that apple is bringing for its users.

7. Real Racing HD

Here is something for the game lovers, the high definition racing game is almost the same game as you might have seen in the iPhone but here some up gradations have been brought. The good thing is that the iPad not only brings this fantastic game on a bit enlarge screen but also adds up some good features which make this game better than the one we play on iPhone.

8. LogMeIn Ignition

This is another exciting application for the computer professionals, it enables you to access and control computers remotely, the set up is quite easy and it controls the other computers of your office or home remotely. For iPad some of the enhancements include Command + tab and Command + shortcuts for the Mac users.

9. – Dictionary & Thesaurus – For iPad

Apple has not make students to feel dishearten as this application is truly for their aid. The complete platform has been brought for the iPad users, the looks of this application are not very attractive ones but the help for the people is really great. It also works in offline mode and provides access to over a million words and 90,000 thesaurus entries.

10. Pianist Pro

The professional music lovers will also find their gift inside the iPad in the form of Pianist Pro; this application is actually a very useful piano tool and once you’ll start this application on the iPad you’ll find the keys to be really wide enough for playing a song. Lots of piano samples ae also available that can help you in playing your own tunes.

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