Battle for Web Supremacy

What are you doing Tom? asked Jeff
Nothing I am net surfing. Why do you ask?
Just wanted to know which Web Browser are you using?
I don’t know what you are talking about

Web Browser is how your viewer sees your web page. Yes, these days we are not confined to one or two Web Browsers (multipurpose internet applications). We have a lot of choice. A few years ago it was totally different. Few years back we just had Internet Explorer for Windows, Firefox and Safari for Apple. But a few years back what the software developers noticed was that people are using Web Browsers more and spent most of their time using it. People had started using more of Google Mail or Yahoo Mail. In reaction to such an observation there was an upsurge of Web Browsers in the market, which eventually brought competition in the market and thus the evolution of Web Browsers took place. When we take a look at the list of the Web Browser it surely is a long list. The story of Web Browser is old. It dates back to 1991. When we discuss some very distinguished ones there are only a few i.e.

  • World Wide Web-1991
  • Mosaic- 1993
  • Netscape Navigator and Communicator-1994
  • Internet Explorer-1995
  • Opera-1996
  • Mozilla Navigator-2002
  • Safari-2003
  • Mozilla Firefox-2003
  • Google Chrome-2008

There are many and different kinds of browsers. One of them which caught my eye were Specialty Browsers which are basically used to increase the certain browsing activities. Currently which are used are ten e.g. Wyzo, Flock, Image Xplorer, Micro, Songbird etc.

There is fierce competition among Web Browsers. The first one was Google to make its entrance in the arena with Chrome. At first people had no idea what is the use of a search engine developing a Web Browser. But eventually when they explored its distinctive qualities they got to know that it’s not simply a Web Browser rather it’s a program that offers you the same program as of Microsoft Windows. It’s actually providing you all what you need.

But this doesn’t mean that Google is alone in such a piece of art. Microsoft and Apple haven’t let their defenses down. Microsoft has its masterpiece of Explorer 8 and Apple not far has given its way to Safari 4. The basic characteristic that is being focused upon is of speed.

And that’s not all to it. Web Browsers which were out of sight are now coming up with their own unique developments and trying their utmost to be a part of the latest competition.

Many people have installed more than one Web Browser. The very which I see over here is that they want to see the how their preferred Web browser is evolving by time as compared to the rest. Is it up to date? Does it have the latest and innovative qualities that the rest are offering?

As mentioned earlier there are different types of Web Browsers. Some do extremely well in the area of developing Websites some in social networking or in 3D etc. there are Web Browsers available with special features for people who have disabilities.

The availability of so many Web Browsers means a lot of choice for the users. The question may arise which to use. It depends upon which one really quenches your thirst. One should stay up to date with the latest Web Browser. How to use it and what are its distinctive qualities one should be aware of all that. So it’s only a click away to find your actual destination, “Click”.

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