While it can feel at times as though your desk is an item you’re frequently tied to while you endeavor to make headway with a project, the right desk has the potential to be a cool, stylish workspace that can do wonders for your career.

Make the most of your workspace

When it comes to the space in which you work on a daily basis, comfort and practicality really are vital; after all, we spend a huge amount of time sat at our desks, so they really should work for us. In addition, a cool and creative workspace can do wonders for our wellbeing, leaving us feeling inspired, motivated, energized and ready to face the day ahead. There aren’t many employers who would argue with that kind of logic!

Technology has a massive part to play in creating a really inspirational space; computers and screens, as perhaps the key items at any workstation, need to be effective and kitted out with the very latest programs and gadgets. More and more offices are turning to large, strategically placed screens to share information and ideas, and there are numerous gadgets to be found that will make the working environment far more convenient. Desks with iPod docks, built in USB points, and cup holders, anyone? Similarly, the way a space is decorated and furnished is important. Wooden shutters, rather than drab blinds, can be a great way of brightening a home or work office, and can be a fun way to keep sunlight off computer screens. Similarly, adding splashes of color to the walls can create instant inspiration.

The importance of a tidy, organized and creative workspace

Maintaining a tidy and organized workspace is immensely important when it comes to staying focused and productive; too much clutter and frequent distractions can really reduce creativity, as well as adding hours onto projects. The old adage, “Tidy home, tidy mind” can easily be related to the workplace too, and it can be essential for finding everything that you need each day, in addition to helping those creative juices to flow.

When you’re planning your dream desk, consider the space you have to work with, the items that you’ll need each day, and the sort of roles your new office has to play. Drawer space and filing cabinets can be a great idea for keeping paperwork and folders neat and tidy, while bookcases are ideal for all of the work-related books you may own – as well as the tomes you read for pleasure. Creating a really functional and stylish workplace can be much easier if you work from home; design and décor decisions, as well as the type of desk you work from will fall to you, and you alone, and so you can afford to be a little funkier. If you’re restricted by the cubicle, office, or desk space at your place of work, try to be a little craftier in your design ideas. Matching folders and drawer sets can be one way of drawing a look together, and while it is essential to consider where you’ll be sitting as you work, ergonomic chairs are a great way of protecting your posture, and will be a fantastic investment whether you work at home or in an office.

If you work in a creative industry, such as graphic design, editorial, music or the media, the type of workstation you inhabit can say much about the job you do. In fact, quirky desk spaces can actually help the ideas to keep coming; if you enjoy the environment you work in, and can be inspired by its design, you’ll perhaps find it easier to think of that next big hit, or a project that has been eluding you. Don’t be shy; inject a little personality into your workstation, and choose colors and gadgets that will really speak volumes of your talents.

The humble desk; a necessary item of furniture, or a key accessory in your career? With a little bit of imagination, some careful consideration, and a few clever storage ideas, you may well end up with a space you’re reluctant to leave at the end of the working day.

An aspiring filmmaker, a part time teacher and writer, and most importantly a chai addict, Aleena Mashhood shares her views from time to time on various interesting blogs.

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