Apple is a world leader when it comes to technology. It is mostly due to their revolutionary gadgets, such as the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, that their computer technology is constantly evolving at a breakneck pace, and new concepts of living are being introduced.

Apple wants to automate the home

Again, Apple seems to be at the forefront of these new concepts. Apple wants the home to become automated through integration of their HomeKit, thereby creating the Smart Home. The HomeKit is a new system that will communicate with and control any connected device within the home through an integrated App, drawing all the different manufactured goods in the home together. Of course, the original product has to have been made with Apple-integrated features in mind to work in this way, and such products will proudly bear the slogan “Made for iPhone” or other Apple devices. Apple is currently working with Philips, Chamberlain, and Kwikset to achieve this, among several others.

Why tech lovers will love this

What this HomeKit will enable users to do will be to control the lighting in the home, the heating, and security systems, all via a touchscreen on a digital device such as the iPad. This has tremendous potential, not just for allowing complete control over the way a home uses its energy, but for allowing a user to see how much energy they are using, where it can be cut and money saved, as well as providing personal convenience.

Tech lovers adore any new gadget, especially one that promises as much as the HomeKit App has the potential to do. There are other Apps already available that can centralize certain aspects of the home, but the unique selling point of HomeKit is that it unifies the whole home system.

Apple compatible gadgets

It is highly likely that many people will already have gadgets in their home that will be compatible with the new Apple HomeKit. Such compatible devices include the branded Apple cellphone, mp3 player and tablet, as well as the Mac desktop computer. With the purchase of the HomeKit App, home stereos that have been certified as “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”, etc., in one room can be controlled from another room in the home, and light bulbs can be dimmed or turned off in rooms that are not in use.

Apple compatible furniture

The HomeKit’s functionality does not end with electrics; it can also extend to furniture around the home. For example, it could be integrated with the iPod bed, a bed that contains a docking and sound system for an mp3 player, so that a person can turn music on in the bedroom when they are still finishing up downstairs in the kitchen. There are also desks that feature built-in docks and specially designed cut-outs for vertical placement of Apple gadgetry.

Smart Homes definitely seem to be the way the technology industry is heading, with great steps being taken in the areas of the living room and kitchen especially. Very soon, it seems that tech lovers will literally have the world at their fingertips.

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