Nintendo DSi is not a mere gaming tool, it has more to it. Nintendo DSi has a large display screen, a 3 mega pixel integrated camera, an additional camera, a multimedia player, a photo viewer, an internet browser, an SD card slot for additional memory storage and internet connectivity for direct downloads. It is an all rounder.

Recently, Nintendo has launched a DSiWare online shop in Japan, which offers mini games at affordable prices. These games are made by Nintendo itself as well as third party producers such as Saga and Namco. Users can shop online their favorite games.

Non only games, but Nintendo also offers non gaming applications at its online shopping store, such as Nintendo DSi calculator and Moving Notepad. Nintendo has encouraged third party producers to produce more non gaming applications at its recent Nintendo Developer Conference in London, but only one such application is out yet; the clock.

Though Nintendo doesn’t show much inclination and appreciation for Apple’s online App store, but it seems that it is also trying to build a similar App store which has gaming as well as no gaming applications available for purchase.

Perhaps, the third party developers are not very much confident about the future of Nintendo DSi, thus they are hesitating to step into making gaming and non gaming applications for the handheld. Once Nintendo succeeds in selling a huge number of this recent gaming system, it is expected that producers will quit their hesitation and will begin producing desired applications.

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