Apple’s iPad 2

Apple has finally unveiled the net-generation iPad-2 yesterday at Sans-Francisco. Steve jobs did this job and give a big surprise to the people.
Steven Jobs said that he is proud to launch this gadget, although it is a fact that other tablets are far behind our first iPad in performance and overall, but Apple’s want to continue its journey of innovation and success, that’s why we have come-up with next-generation iPad2.

You might know slight details about iPad2, now there is much more for you to know. Next-generation iPad 2 has dual core processor; two ultra fast CPUs, A5 chip and its graphics have improved 9 times as compare to first iPad.
Jobs threw more light on the iPad 2 and said that Apple has tuned 55,000 applications (Apps) for iPad2 and it is smart and thinner than the previous one. It is also comparatively thinner than the other tablets.

You must be thinking Jobs didn’t mention about the battery life, he did. According to Steve Jobs “ A lots of our other Tablet competitors are coming out with substantially lower battery life, but the iPad 2 tried and tested and every reviewer has confirmed 10-hours life”.

Apple’s iPad is a marvelous product. It is fast, thin and light. It has a camera, gyroscope, iOS4.3, iMovie and Garageband. It will be available in two-colors; black n white. Price of iPad-2 is U.S $499.

Steve Jobs is so sure about that success of iPad-2 that he said “We think that 2011 will be the year of iPad-2”.

Let’s see Steve Jobs words will match the performance of iPad-2 or not.

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