Among the plethora of new features that Apple has equipped the latest iteration of iOS with, is the support for many new biometric sensors. The latest developer release of iOS 8 showcases among other features, the support for a spirometric sensor.

Spirometry is a test that diagnoses lung conditions such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder). To achieve that, the subject blows into a spirometer that then detects the anomalies in lung function. The presence of such a sensor indicates that Apple will have a few medical equipment suppliers on board to create accessories for its iOS 8 devices that would use such sensors to their full ability.

Not only will the new iOS 8 devices be able to track your breathing, but as Wall Street Journal anticipates, the iWatch that will be running on iOS 8 will come equipped with 10 sensors, including sensors for altitude, humidity, air pressure, glucose levels, heart rate and hydration levels. To make full use of these sensors, the latest developer release of iOS 8 brings the ability to access medical data directly through the lock screen of the device. Moreover, the iOS 8 beta 5 HealthKit has sections for Diagnostics, Lab Results, Medications, Nutrition, Vital Signs and Sleep. Enhanced support for workouts, electrodermal activity and galvanic skin response, is on board to.

All this suggests that Apple’s HealthKit is not just another marketing gimmick, but the company truly means business with this one. What further supports this analysis is the Strength ad Apple came up with, that featured 12 prominent names of the digital health industry, like Nike, Argus, Wahoo Fitness and Healthmate. This indicates that with iOS 8, Apple is targeting devices that would be the go-to for professionals as an all-in-one device for a user’s common diagnostic tests. Not just that, but users will be able to record their entire health and fitness data on their cellphones and carry them anywhere they go.

While all this seems too good to be true, Apple’s HealthKit solution included in iOS 8 is all set to pave way for sensor powerhouse iOS 8 devices. It is a serious contender in the field of digital health industry. The latest iOS 8 beta and the support for Spirometry data only cement Apple’s position before the release of its mobile operating system.

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