Apple is all set to introduce the latest version of its iPads on Thursday, 16th October at an event which will be held at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. While the iPhone is Apple’s core product that generates maximum revenue for the tech giant, the company is striving hard to promote its other products and it looks as if the latest iPad has the potential to thrive in the corporate market.

I believe, the iPad is more of a corporate device than a personal gadget. Do you want to know why? Let’s find out:

Despite the fact that an iPad has most of the features and apps of an iPhone it certainly is not a go to device. The 2015 version of iPad, which is rumored to be 12.9 inches in length, is likely to replace laptops making it better suited for office work. Moreover, with Apple business apps operating better on bigger screens and Apple’s recent partnership with IBM indicate the iPad’s scope as a corporate device.


The iPad is acquiring more and more favor with many small and large enterprises using it as a cash register, sales brochure, and card reader among other uses. Recently, the iPad has gained fame as a sales tool with its multiple sales apps to benefit the businesses. Moreover, Tablets generally have a long shelf life which renders them more practical and reliable for business activities. Thus, iPads are comparatively more apt for long term use.

Furthermore, the enhanced security features of iOS 8 including Touch ID are ideal for enterprise identity management which can be utilized for verification.

Considering the abovementioned uses of iPad, I hope you’d also agree that the tablet would generate more sales for the company if broadly accepted as an enterprise device.

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