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You might have heard many rumors about the tablet PC coming by the Apple’s side like Apple has canceled the tablet production or it is coming in the next week or so. But finally one of the authenticated man who is actually a analyst and he has analyzed the apple’s attitude towards tablet production then given this statement that Apple is expected to launch its first ever tablet PC in march 2010. The rumors related to this PC have be so common because the features as expected are more than just extra ordinary and the whole world is restlessly waiting for this new blast from the apple’s side.

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Apple tablet is the thing that has made all the publishing industry crazy about it and the main reason might be that it can prove to be a real conduct for the decent digital magazines. It has been notified earlier that this tablet will come with a 10.1” inch screen and with some extra ordinary multi-touch capabilities it will rock the market with a very affordable price of $1000. It will prove to be the best gadget of the year in the touch generation and due to so much high class features it has always been in the international technical news either true or as a rumor.

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  1. […] The arrival of tablets from Apple’s panel has become no less than a big technical mystery as with the start of new year everyone is looking towards Apple to officially announce the tablet but they are pretty much calm. This week a new report has been seen from the Financial Times that Apple is planning to arrange a very important event on January 26 as it has been reported that Apple has booked Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco for several days in late January. So if this event is going to happen than we could expect the official announcement or release of Apple tablet. […]

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