iPad Applications

After bringing a diverse range of applications for the iPod Apple has now shifted their interests towards iPad as well and it has been reported that the company has started accepting submissions for the iPad’s applications that is expected to be launched in US on April 3.

Photo by iPadApple.fr

The developers of iPad have now started developing different wares which they are giving to Apple for approval and thus to make it sure that the applications are ready for the consumers to snap up on the day of its launch. It can now be expected that some really good application is going to come as the company is deeply paying attention on that.

It has been recently reported by the BuisnessWeek reports that those developers who will actually get the iPad in their possession will have to sign a series of agreements that will be a kind of harsh security arrangement that will allow them to keep hold of iPad before its launch.

According to the reports Devs will have to keep the iPad isolated in a room with blacked-out windows and it must remain tethered to a fixed object, which shows that the company really plans to bring a surprise for the whole world and they don’t want to get it leaked before the launch.

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