In the spring of 2011, Apple’s iPad 2 made its appearance and around 22 March, 2011 it made its way to more than 25 countries of the world. But now rumors have been started circling around about the upcoming iPad 3. A lot of buzz is found on the internet about the iPad 3. We have summed up some of the best rumors and speculations for you from the most reliable sources. Let’s see how the new iPad 3 is expected to be.

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Rumored Carbon Fibre Chassis of iPad 3

According to the Reuters, Apple’s iPad3 will have a carbon fibre chassis which will make it more lightweight. It is rumored that Apple has appointed a senior composites engineer Kevin Kenney who is also a carbon fibre expert, and will design the chassis of the iPad 3.

More than one iPad 3 is speculated

TUAW hints that there may be more than one version of iPad 3. It is speculated that there may be iPad 3.1 and iPad 3.2. Also iOS 5 may have new code files for USB devices in the iOS 5 firmware.

Pegatron rumored to be the new manufacturer of iPad 3

Although, iPad 2 was manufactured by Foxconn but it is reported that Apple has connected Far Eastern companies this time for the manufacturing of iPad 3, the reason being the fire caught at the supplier Foxconn in May. Quanta Computer and Pegatron Technology were the names under consideration by Apple but it is rumored that Apple has finally made a deal with Pegatron Technology for the iPad 3.

Anticipated Quad-core Processor of iPad3

It is anticipated that iPad3 may include a quad-core ARM-based processor, Apple’s A6.

Expected Retina Display of iPad 3

iPad 3 is expected to have a Retina Display but it is still not confirmed. Rumors about Retina Display were also on the way about iPad 2 back in the spring but iPad2 didn’t come out without it. However, it seems now that iPad3 will be featuring an HD screen.  According to Digitimes, Apple has demanded the suppliers to provide screens that can give high definition display and better image quality than the iPad 2. Also it is rumored that Apple has contacted Samsung and LG for AMOLED screens in the new iPAd3. There is also a buzz going around that Apple is testing supplier’s current shipments of 2048 x 1536 resolution 9.7-inch displays.

Predictable NFC capability of iPad 3

Near Field Communication (NFC), being the easier and advanced way of transaction is likely to be expected on iPad 3. It is rumored Apple is particularly concerned to include this latest technology in the upcoming iPad 3.

Anticipated more Storage of iPad 3

It is speculated that iPad 3 will have more storage than iPad 2. Rumors have been going around about 128GB option, though iPad2 had only 16/32/64GB storage options. But more storage means more prices.

SD Card Slot and Thunderbolt Port likely to be included in iPad 3

SD card Slot and Thunderbolt port is likely to be included in the iPad 3. However, it is speculated that like the previous two versions of iPad, iPad3 will also be USB-free version. Also some websites have reported that the iPad 3 will still feature a 30 pin dock connector.

Kinect to be expected in iPad 3

Latest rumors suggest that Apple is going to include Kinect-style gesture controls in iPad3.

Predictable Advanced Camera Optics of iPad 3

It is predictable that iPad 3 will have a advanced camera optics like the new iPhone 4S.

Expected release date of iPad 3

Though, iPad3 was expected to release this year but somehow it got delayed.

The new release date of iPad 3 is still unknown but it is expected that like the first two generations of iPads, Apple will release iPad 3 first in US and then in UK and other countries. Launch is expected in early 2012. DigiTimes reported that the production of iPad 3 was delayed due to the lack of retina displays from its suppliers LG and Samsung.

Let’s see how much of these speculations and rumors come true when the new iPAd 3 comes out.

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