Following its launch in 2006’s fall, 13-inch Apple MacBook was a ground-breaking product. The laptop combined the Core 2 Duo processor of Intel with the much-applauded OS of Apple. And with that there are extra utilities like Front Row remote, MagSafe power adapter, iLife software and iSight camera, which will in combination give you arguably the most loved laptops on this planet.

Since its release, Apple has been contended of issuing small periodic upgrades in hardware, which continued to add horsepower to its CPU while keeping the price constant. In November 2007, the recent update has bumped up its available CPU configuration to 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and added the Santa Rosa platform from Intel with slightly better graphics. This update has led to a slight boost in its performance. However, you’ll have more interest in the Leopard version of operating system that is coming preinstalled on newer MacBooks. This will be adding some new useful features, which has kept MacBook amongst the popular laptops on the planet.

Screen & Battery

Its 13.3-inch wide-screen LCD provides a clear and easy-to-read 1,280 x 800 resolution, which can be considered conventional for screen of such size. It even has a wonderful battery life. MacBook can run for over 4 hours, when it is put on full load.

Typical minimalist setup of Apple

Inside your MacBook, you’ll find the typical minimalist setup of Apple, which includes a full-size keyboard, sizable touchpad with single mouse button, power button and an in-built iSight camera sitting above its display. Flat-key keyboard of Apple is impressive.

New inclusions in updated version

The new feature, which is sure to catch the eye, is inclusion of Leopard, Apple’s latest OS X. The feel and look have largely remained the same. However, numerous useful features have been supplemented, which includes the Time Machine and a user-friendly utility for backup. You also get ‘Spaces’, a feature allowing setting up of multiple desktops. Again, you get ‘Quick Look’ that allows you to open a quick preview version of any file or document without requiring to wait for running of the associated applications.

Apple MacBook is, no doubt, one of the most loved laptop on the planet. At $1,099 (starting price), both its appearance and performance are perfect for all users. With the inclusion of new Operating System and other excellent features, its popularity will only receive a boost.

Unique Selling Point

Operating System: Leopard OS X

Battery Life: Around 4 and a half hour on full load

Keyboard: Flat-key keyboard is impressive

Presence of Intel’s Santa Rosa Platform is also an advantage

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  1. Macbooks are really nice; they work well and look great too. Their erconomically friendly design is also a major selling point for me. Yah, Macbooks look so good.

    The flat-key keyboard feels awesome, to be frank. 🙂 And battery life isn’t too bad, either.

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