Apple has released the developers’ kit for their eagerly-awaited wearable device – Apple Watch – on Tuesday, Nov 18.

Named WatchKit, the kit provides all the necessary tools to developers to create iOS apps custom-built for the wearable.

According to Apple, this kit will help developers create apps that would allow users to perform simple functions like accessing flight details, finding quicker routes to different destinations, and even turning the lights off right from their wrists.

The kit consists of programing guides, “human interface guidelines” and templates to develop Apple Watch applications.

Apple has equipped its Watch with two innovative features which developers can put to good use with their applications: the “glances” – which allows real-time information to be displayed on the wearable’s display, like live scores, latest news and stocks information; and the “actionable notifications” for users to directly check a notification and respond to it from the watch itself.

Apple Watch

Companies like ESPN, Instagram and American Airlines have already previewed the WatchKit, and would start developing dedicated apps for the Apple Watch right away. All of them promise to deliver a more personalized experience to Apple Watch users.

Apple Watch

Apple first announced Apple Watch back in September alongside iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It is said to be available in the first half of 2015, with prices starting at $349, and requires at least an iPhone 5 to pair with. With the WatchKit available now, Apple has the developer’s help it needs to draw users to its wearable device.

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