Apple has just launched the beta version of its Safari 4 with claims that it is the most innovative and fastest web browser for its Mac as well as Windows PCs. In the Nitro engine of this new browser JavaScript runs 4.2 times quicker than it was in Safari 3. Top Sites is a new feature that makes browsing quite enjoyable and intuitive with its nice visual preview of visited pages. Similarly, there are many other features like Cover Flow (to easily flip through bookmark and web history), Full History Search (to go through web addresses, titles and all text of pages viewed recently) and Tabs on Top for easier and intuitive web browsing.

The world most advanced browser technologies like Nitro JavaScript have been used to develop Safari 4 and these technologies make it 30 times quicker than IE7 and 3 times quicker than Firefox 3. It loads HTML web pages a lot faster than IE7 and Firefox 3.

Apple’s well known WebKit has been used to build Safari for Mac, iPhone, iPod and Windows and this WebKit has been developed as an open source project to produce best browser engine in the world. Many leading browsers like Google Chrome, Google Android, Palm webOS and the Nokia Series 60 browser have been based on this WebKit.

There are many new innovative features in Safari4 that include:

Top Sites: With this new feature, users can get a nice display of frequently visited pages in a striking previews wall that allows users to easily jump to their favorite site.

Full History Search: Users can search through titles, web addresses and the history of previously viewed pages. One nice thing is that users can easily return to those sites which they have seen recently.

Cover Flow: This feature makes it a lot easier to search web history and bookmarks.

Tab on Top: This feature is for easy and better tabbed browsing and it consists of tab management tools and an intuitive button to open new pages.

Aside from these features Safari4 also houses a Smart Address Field, Smart Search Field, Full Page Zoom and Built-in Web developer etc.

The browser is a public beta for Mac OSX as well as Windows and you can free download it immediately at to enjoy this most innovative and really fast tool. Its performance varies on the configuration of the system, network connection and some other factors.

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