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One of the most highly rumored products by Apple the ‘iPad touch’ has been finally announced by the company at the Apple event in Sans Francisco yesterday. The newly styled Apple iPad will start at $499, a price tag which was not expected by some experts as they were expecting more than this.

Photo by iLounge
Photo by iLounge

This iPad can be seen as a mixture of both giant iPod and shrunken Macbook. This phone was revealed by Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs and while launching this amazing piece of technology he said “We want to kick off 2010 with a truly revolutionary and magical product”.

The official announcement regarding the features and specifications of this Tablet was just awesome as it shows that the tablet will be with 9.7 inch display and this PC will also accompanied with a full HD touch screen interface with multi-touch, Wi-Fi, 3G connected, a bespoke OS that is comparable to iPhone.

It also proves to be a good gaming home with a super slick 1Ghz Apple A4 processor. Steve Jobs have shown different features of it while releasing it officially and some of the main includes email, games, videos and reading the New York Times on it with the e-reader compatibility and the quality of work was really appreciable. So after months of wait and seeing the rumors regarding the tablet finally the whole world has got the official words regarding this amazing new iPad.

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