Apple iPad 3

Yesterday I told you about the expected iPad 2 release in a couple of months. Today I am here with another surprise; iPad 3 will also be launched in this very current year; yes this is very much expected!!! This information has been disclosed by the well known blogger John Gruber of Daring Fireball. According to Gruber, the third generation of Apple’s tablet will be released in September 2011.

Details?? Well, there aren’t any details available yet; as everyone is still expecting the iPad 2. Anyhow, no one can stop us from making guesses about the specs and features iPad 3 will offer. As the iPad 2 is not going to boast a better display screen, we hope that the third generation iPad will come with one. Also, the former will, reportedly, not entertain the 4G mobile broadband, so we can say that iPad 3 might be equipped with this feature by Apple. These two changes are a must, by the way!

If the rumour turns true, we will have to appreciate Apple for unveiling a new generation of its tablet every six months. September isn’t very far; but a little hint about expected iPad 3 features would have helped satisfy our curiosity. Hopefully, leaks will begin to appear soon and if they don’t; wait till September!!

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