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Apple has captured most of the market share for tablets with its iPad; and now the news tell us that the big name is almost ready to launch the second generation of its attractive looking 10 inches touchscreen!! Wall Street Journal has just broken this news today, giving some details of the upcoming gadget’s specs and features.

First of all, the iPad 2 is going to be light in weight as well as slimmer than the original version of iPad. This certainly means less pressure on your arm!! Moreover, there will be a faster graphics processor, a front facing camera and more memory than before. Also, do not expect a retina display as there won’t be any difference between the screens of both versions. So is the case with 4G; iPad 2 will not support 4g high speed mobile broadband.

Wait for a couple of months for this latest version of iPad, which is expected to be sold for the same price as of its predecessor. We would have appreciated it more if there was a better and improved display screen, as well as full support for 4G. Nonetheless, our fingers are crossed until Apple displays its newborn!!

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