Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy S II

Apple and Samsung have Launched Another Cool Gadget For Their Customer… Apple and Samsung have driven every one crazy with their much awaited gadgets, next-generation iPad 2 and Galaxy S II respectively. People are desperately waiting for the upcoming products. Gadget lovers have placed pre-orders and they are willing to pay extra amount as they can wait no longer. As a result retailers have overpriced these products.

Do you know the price of White iPhone? Hold your breath! It comes in £920, no need to worry if you can’t afford it, you can go for Samsung Galaxy S II , as it costs £708 and will be launched somewhere in March.

Apple is going to unveil its next -generation iPad on 2nd March, next Wednesday. Some official and unofficial sources of Apple have disclosed some of its features, and now people are impatient and enthusiastic about this up-coming product. As a matter of fact, Apple is already the market leader of Tablet market with 93% shares. No doubt, its previous iPad was also a great hit.

You will be surprised to know that Apple has removed Mobile Me from shelves, especially from online stores. Mobile Me is an easy way to keep iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC in sync. It automatically sync email, contacts and calendar over the air across all the devices. Up-coming Cloud Based iTunes reflects the reason.

Keep yourself up to date, as 2011 is going to be the year of Gadgets. All the leading Tech-Companies are striving to win their pie by introducing latest technology products.

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