This week Apple decided to release their new Apple iOS 7.1 update that would help many iPhone users to get better performance and experience from their iOS devices. Apple said that the new update will boost the overall speed and responsiveness, but the update also did not go well with many users as they saw some cosmetic and performance changes that iOS users are not happy about. Let’s take a quick peek into what changes Apple made with the new iOS 7.1 update.

The new update made some changes to the overall appearance of the software. One of the most visible changes that users found was that the rectangular Call button at the bottom of the dial screen was changed to a small green circle displaying the phone icon. The update does not affect the rest of the circular number key pads on that screen. Similarly, changes were also made to the incoming call screen. The large Answer and Decline buttons along with Remind Me and Message buttons are now replaced with tiny circles with phone icons which can make it inconvenient for those who have large hands and also to those who are multitasking or carrying bags.

On the other hand, one of the welcome changes in the new update is that Touch ID and Passcode now has its own set up menu in the Settings section. Apple has also provided an option for those who do not want to use the parallax effect in Wallpaper. The new update offers Perspective On/Off option when selecting a new Wallpaper image. The new iOS 7.1 update also makes the Siri voice warmer and more human and less robotic in British English, Japanese, Australian English and Mandarin Chinese versions. The update also tweaks the Weather and Calendar app as users can now see their special events and appointments right under the Calendar view. While on the Weather app new icons have been added to make the interface more user friendly.

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