Apple’s new operating system iOS 6 is a major upgrade and a life changer of Apple devices. More than 200 features are added to enhance its productivity. The efficiency gives the user a better technological experience and some of the great features makes it a worthy operating system. Let’s have a look at what this amazing software has got.

Do not Disturb

Do Not Disturb  is a new feature that can block incoming calls while allowing texts and alerts through. You can not only filter calls by a group but also you can set your phone to allow the second call if someone rings twice within 3 minutes.

Customized Reply

You can give a customized reply to the incoming calls. You can use buttons to reply to a message or remind you later. Also, you can set the following options i-e “I’ll call you later,” “I’m on my way,” or “What’s up?”


Siri made its debut along with iPhone 4S but then its functionality was limited. Now, the new iOS6 has added some new improvements to the Siri. The way to open apps and remember recent questions has been enhanced. You can now ask Siri for sport scores or even about a latest movie. New Yelp integration is great and gives you more information about restaurants, such as hours and cuisine types.


Maps is the hottest feature. It has got Vector-based graphics so that you can write  text and view details that are easy to read. You can also swipe and use  two-finger touch rotation and get a full zoom. The 3D views, directions with voice, and flyover features are impressive. However, the recent release showed some major problems including missing cities along with distorted buildings and landmarks. But Apple is working  to remove these shortcomings.


Passbook is a unique feature that lets you store and quickly access  airline or train boarding passes, electronic versions of your admission tickets, merchant loyalty cards, and coupons all in one place. The uniqueness lies in the fact that you get alerts according  to time-based events. Also, it shows the the necessary card  which you want to use for a specific event. The card is virtually “shredded” on the screen when it is deleted.


The Safari browser shows its power with the true web searching capability. A Web page in full-screen can be viewed when using using landscape mode. You can also cache a Web page and save it for reading later even when you’re offline. iCloud Tabs let you to pick up where you left off on any device.

Facebook Integration

What more Apple fan’s can expect?? iOS 5 got the Twitter integration and now the new iOS6 has got a Facebook integration. You can now use the Facebook app and enjoy sharing, liking and commenting. Your social circle can now run with you.

Photo Streams

The Photo Stream in iOS 6 is now improved and you can not only share your photos with other iOS devices but also with your friends and family. You can also “Like” and comment on shared photos.


The email feature is enhanced with a VIP option that alerts you when e-mails arrive from your chosen contacts. “Insert photo or video” feature is also added to customize your mail.

Face Time Calls

Face Time Calls feature  integrates your phone number with your Apple ID that let you answer your FaceTime call on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

iOS 6 is the Apple’s most important upgrade but lets see how good it can be for the iPhone users.

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