Have you ever imagined as to what would have happened if you would mix the four of the world best multimedia applications such as the iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto and iDVD? We all know that iTunes is responsible for music management, iPhoto is to augment the experience of the digital photography, iMovie is for editing all your digital videos and iDVD is widely used for creating your own DVDs at home. It would be an amazing experience to see all these four components working together seamlessly to provide the best-in-class user experience. That’s what the iLife software by Apple does so. It allows you to let your creativity take complete control and allows you to do fun things with music, edit your pictures, and create your own videos and movies in all those ways where a normal PC user can only dream about. With the best applications of the world clubbed in one, the Apple iLife 09 is an experience in itself.

iLife 09 Dedicated to Creativity

Apart from developing your own applications, you can also effortlessly share your creations with your friends and family members in every possible way. The application includes a range of options from email and internet to the conventional print and dvd formats. You can now make the application work for you in accordance to your convenience. What’s more important here are that you can simply use all these applications without actually having to flip through the manual frequently… Speaks volumes about user-friendliness experience of the iLife!

Now you can find it all here, the perfect songs for your party, underscore your videos to develop a slide show or create a DVD. iTunes, in the present day is considered to be the best-loved digital player, however iLife gives an immediate access to all the other applications along with iTunes in order to get your favourite track records. It also gives the users an opportunity to preview your music with a play button and you wouldn’t have to launch the iTunes software every time. Now you can edit, organise and share your digital pictures with the click of the mouse with the iPhoto software and in addition, you can also make the blemishes in the pictures disappear with the ReTouch wand tool. You can also access your albums through the iMovie and the iDVD applications. The iMovie application comes along with a range of features that would augment the attractiveness of your videos. You can add some visual effects with the EarthQuake, Fairydust and Lens Flare effects. There are quite a few other animations as well as the sound effect compatibilities that would enable you to experiment to the fullest.

Unique Selling Points:

A better interface,

Excellent integration into Mac along with all the four applications,

Improved visual effects in iMovie,

Easy accesses to all the albums in one go.

To conclude with, such a revolutionary digital video software would help millions of Mac users all across the globe and would do full justice to all those creative enthusiasts.

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