This weekend many reports were brought in front of media regarding some sort of fraud on the Apple iTunes system and finally the company confirmed the news by saying that a rouge developer has by some means managed to snag 42 out of 50 top positions in the App Store and all this was done via some bogus story.

The developer which was the main concern person behind all this was Thuat Nguyen and after his actions, he was completely banned for the application stores. Trudy Muller by apple has shown his response over this issue in an email and according to him the developer which has made these frauds has been “removed from the App Store for violating the developer Program License Agreement”.

The company has provided an advice to the users who suspected fraudulent purchases to contact their bank and cancel the credit card in the question. Due to this act, Apple has tightened its security in the App Store and may be now you’ll experience more strictness while the procedure of purchasing from stuff from the iTunes store.

Though the incident was really bad for the reputation of apple’s stores but this will help the company in getting more perfection in the future and keeping their system away from culprits.

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