A new report has revealed that the Android Wear software released by Google will soon be receiving some updates which will make it behave more like the Apple Watch’s software.

Plans are being made by Google to enable the Android Wear with Wi-Fi support when the next software update is launched by it, reported The Verge, citing claims made by the people who have knowledge of the plans made by this search giant.

This update to also rumoured to include gesture control which will allow the user to simply swipe the fingers over the screen to make the device switch between notifications. Switching between apps too will be made a lot easier with the advent of this software.

Android Wear is basically Google’s answer to Apple Watch’s software. This newly designed platform is designed to perform on all wearables including smartwatches, enabling the user to search the web, access the third party apps and lot more. Android Wear is currently available on a number of devices like Asus Zen Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Moto 360.

Android Wear

However Android Wear will work only on those devices which run on the Android mobile OS by Google.

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