INQ has recently announced the launch of Android phones with the CEO state being planned to shake up with Google OS. The INQ maker has been rather low on costs with their smartphones being announced to move next year with the Android OS coming as a plan in the next year.

INQ Android PhonesThe CEO of the company, Frank Meehan, has been talking of the GigaOm Mobilize conference with confirmation working onto release the new phone very quickly. Apart from the licensing policy for the Palm or the WebOS, this has been quite a task for the company.

This Android phone has come to suit most of their plans with the very new touch-screen devices coming with the PC Magazine. This has also come up with a lot of their new plans of service. The INQ has given their own credits to the OS for the INQ1 which works very well as the Facebook phone and even the Twitterphone. Due to their fast accessibility and super fast connection, the updates can be made very quickly indeed.

The Mini 3G and Chat 3G are also new facilities to be worked here with.

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