Apple has brought forward an upgrade for the Apple 3G in the form of iPhone 3G S, adding many of the smaller features that we missed on the previous model. But, still it’s not a huge change from the iPhone 3G, so look carefully at the hardware before upgrading or investing in this expensive phone, but it won’t disappoint users who crave a great user experience. It’s the current king of gadgets.

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If you’ve previously used the iPhone or iPhone 3G, you’ll know in only a glace that the 3G S is pretty much identical to its 3G predecessor. So, if you’re upgrading from the 3G to the 3G S, you won’t see a big difference, but there are a few solid improvements. The solid body is totally unchanged from the 3G’s, except for a face-grease-fighting coating on the glass. It’s also a couple of grams heavier, due to a new battery, camera unit and other guts, but that’s not really a cause for concern.

You get a landscape keyboard in Mail, Messages and Notes. However, the only drawback is its size as it is still useless for fingers, and by taking the full width of the screen it’s is said to be too uncomfortable to use.

Copy and Paste is new and effective feature added on by Apple. Holding your finger on an object enables you to drag a selection area for text, and you can then cut, copy or select all; switch to your destination app, hold your finger down again and the paste option springs up. It doesn’t just work for text: you can also copy photos, so for example you can copy a picture from your camera roll and paste it into an email or MMS, and it can also copy URLs from Safari’s address bar.

Although other phones have had features like copy and paste capability and voice control for years. The features are implemented extremely well and the apps are addictive. The responsiveness and elegance of the user interface more than makes up for the lack of flexibility but you still can’t run most apps in the background, for example, or customise the home screen much. Maps and Safari boast improvements under the hood that make a big improvement to page rendering times.

The memory has been increased so that the 3G S comes in 16GB and 32GB versions, which is handy on a device that works as an iPod as well as a phone. Really, though, it’s the least Apple could do, since the 3G S doesn’t have a memory-card expansion slot.

The camera has also been upgraded as the resolution has been raised up from 2 to 3 megapixels

iTunes enables you to download audio books, movies and iTunes U content directly to your phone, and you can also download gift cards without rushing home to your PC.

However, the 3G S has certain exiting new feature but still if some has 3.0 iPhone, one can be contended with that until and unless some one has a greater hunger for new tech and needs a longer lasting battery for that, or has lost his Tom Tom.

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