Amazon Kindle is a software and hardware platform for the purpose of reading e-books, developed by subsidiary Lab126. It was first launched in the US in November, 2007. Two hardware devices known as “Kindle” and “Kindle 2” support this platform, as does an iPhone Application “Kindle for iPhone.”

Amazon announced the Kindle 2 on February 9, 2009, which came into the stores to be purchased on 23rd of the same month. It was highly appreciated by the e-readers, though with a high price of $359. It not only possesses better battery life, but also, it features 20% faster page refreshing than the Original Kindle. A conspicuously nice characteristic of the Kindle 2 is the unique text-to-speech option.

A Kindle 2 user can either download the content from Amazon in certified AZW format, or load unprotected e-books.

Recently, Amazon released the Kindle Application for iPhone. Since then, a burning debate has begun regarding what should be the choice; a Kindle 2, or Kindle for iPhone. Opinions vary with different groups of people. There are many factors than can affect one’s decision to get any of the both.

The price factor: Kindle 2 is available in stores for $359. This is a high price, no doubt, but a devoted e-reader can give anything to get a better e-book reader.

On the contrary, Kindle for iPhone is a free to download application. An iPhone holder does not have to get Kindle 2, the only thing he needs to do is download the free application, and enjoy e-book reading. Thus, the Application wins this round.

Display size: Kindle 2 has a 6 inches, larger display, whereas Kindle for iPhone has the typical iPhone display size for book reading.

Younger generation, having no severe eyesight ailments, loves to have an iPhone which gives them the best e-book reading experience. On the other hand, Kindle’s 6 inch screen has made the older ones fond of it, as it caters to their need of clearer and bigger surface to read from.

Availability of content: Kindle 2 supports books, periodicals and a number of newspapers for decent price, whereas the iPhone application does not support but e-books. Thus those, who want to read their magazines and daily papers on their palm devices, face disappointment here.

Downloading: Kindle 2 users can easily download the content from through their device, but the Kindle Application for iPhone user has no means to get directly to the store. They have to access through a web browser from their iPhone, and buy the content accordingly; another drawback of Kindle Application for iPhone.

Color: The application gives typical colors of the iPhone while reading an e-book, making it way colorful. Kindle 2 promises real book reading experience to its readers, as it possesses 16 different shades of Grey.

But when it comes to Comic books reading, Kindle 2 helplessly fails; with no colors and no zooming. Though, iPhone App also does not support zoom feature, it shows comics in full bright colors.

Both the gadget and the application support book marking, increasing the font size, and accessing content page. Decision of choosing between the two depends solely upon preferences one has.

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