Nokia N97 now you have to go now, as your unannounced bro is quite near to be announced and whose details have been emerging for quite some time. Let’s find out what they say.

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Well, it appears to be a lot more polished than ever before, but it has been designed just like their previous the N810. No name has been given to it, but internally it’s being referred as Rover, Maemo Flagship and the N900. Well, here m going to refer it as the N900 in this post, but it is possible that it may not get the same name. When it comes to style, you will find the N900 quite similar to the Nokia N97, but it houses a 3.5” touchscreen with a slide out QWERTY keyboard and many other similar features. But you would definitely find some difference, as its screen doesn’t tilt up and it has considerably higher resolution. Another change that you will notice is missing of the navi-keys, as they have not been featured that are available in the N97.

Features and specs

  • It has 59.7x111x18.2mm measurement with 180g of weight
  • The given 3.5” (WVGA) touchscreen is of 800×480 resolution
  • It features a 5mp camera with autofocus, dual flash slide cover
  • The processor is of OMAP3430 500/600 Mhz
  • It has 32 GB internal storage that can be expanded up to 48GB with external memory.
  • English, French, Italian, Russian, Scandinavian variants of the keyboards
  • HSDPA, Wi-Fi
  • Things packed in the box include headset, battery, connectivity capable, microUSB adaptor, Video-out cable and cleaning cloth.

Software features:

  • The device is going to run on Maemo 5 that will allow you to run your all favorite apps simultaneously
  • You can open tasks as well as view unread messages with its Live Dashboard
  • It has Firefox 3 web browser with Flash 9.4 support.
  • It supports VoIP as well as cellular voice
  • You can access IMs and SMS from one view
  • There is built-in automatic software update
  • Support for image tagging and geo-tagging

Well, viewing all that specs and features, you will definitely be drooling and if not you must visit your doctor to have a check for your salivary glands. Many seem worry about its availability, but you need not to be worried anymore as we have also got some of its details and it’s expected to be hitting the shelves in many parts of the world within next two to three months. However, according to some other sources, the device will have to see some more delays for its launch. Well, these are the details that we have gathered out that Nokia coming tablet so far, but considering your anticipation, we will provide you

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some more details ahead so stay tuned. Source: mobilecrunch

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