Sony Vaio P Series

Sony has recently announced its new ultra portable series of laptop that has been named as the new Vaio P series and there are many differentiating feature brought for this new series that are truly amazing. Some of the excitements that are brought for this new 8-inch laptop include a very fine matt lid that is available in five different colors plus the main goody includes a new optical touchpad and accelerometer. A very cute and small touchpad sits on the right side of the display while the buttons are on the left side.

Photo by BitchBuzz

The new Vaio P will be powered by a Silverthorne processor. It is also reported that 1.8GHz Intel Z540 Atom processor along with 2GB RAM, 54GB SSD and Windows 7 Premium is mentioned for the release in Europe. Probably the most exciting addition to new series is the accelerometer with the help of which you can flip the device vertically to read the documents and also tilt it left or right to move forward or backward while surfing the web. The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500 brings very amazing graphics to this laptop and thus the viewing experience can get much more enhanced.

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