Philips Cinema 21:9

Philips has launched a new Home Entertainment Package in the form of the world’s first Cinema Proportioned LCD television. Cinema 21:9 changes your room into a full fledged Cinema Hall with its ultimate immersive home cinematic viewing experience.


  • 2560×1080p Full HD 21:9 Aspect ratio 52″ 200Hz Clear LCD display with 8.3 million pixels
  • Powered by the Philips Perfect Pixel HD Processing Engine capable of 500 million pixels per second processing power and 2,250 trillion vivid colors.
  • Comes with three-sided Ambilight Spectra technology
  • 1ms Refresh Rate
  • 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 5x HDMI 1.3a ports,
  • DLNA and
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Sound System Virtual Dolby Digital, BBE, Sound System Virtual Dolby Digital, BBE
  • Screen enhancement: Anti-Reflection coated screen
  • Color processing: 2250 trillion colors 17bit RGB.
  • Sound Enhancement: Auto Volume Leveller, Digital Signal Processing, Dynamic Bass Enhancement, Treble and Bass Control.
  • Sound System: Virtual Dolby Digital, BBE


The Cinema 21:9 TV perfectly matches the original movie format used by directors, so you get no black bars or picture loss, just movies the way the director intended them to be seen. Bring the magic of the cinema home, in the authentic 21:9 movie format. Enjoy 16:9 and gaming content with the full power of the 21:9 screen. Cinema 21:9 uses a highly advanced formatting technology to fit other formats to the screen perfectly without distortion. Enjoy the action in the comfort of your own home!

Philips Cinema 21:9Add a new dimension to your viewing experience with Ambilight Spectra 3. This patented Philips technology enlarges the screen further by projecting a glow of light from the back of the screen onto the surrounding wall. Ambilight automatically adjusts the colour and brightness of the light surrounding the TV to match the picture, creating an immersive viewing experience. With Ambilight Spectra 3 movies truly come to life!

A notable new feature addition to Cinema 21:9 is Net TV, which enables simple and quick internet access to a wide range of sites from a start page on the TV screen. The Net TV feature has dedicated and tailored websites from European partners that include brand names such as YouTube, eBay, TomTom, Meteo Group, Netlog, Funspot and MyAlbum plus a range of local partners offering the most popular websites per country. Through Net TV internet content is tailored for the best viewing experience on the TV screen, and is easily accessed through the TV’s remote control, without the need for extra set-top boxes or subscriptions.

Final Word:

Philips new Cinema 21:9 enable you to enjoy movies at home to an entirely new level, and it gives you advantages over the traditional 16:9 ratio screen in side by side comparisons are truly striking. So, better start thinking about upgrading your home Cinema.

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