Summer isn’t exactly a makeup-friendly time of the year. Women who are into synthetic cosmetics know it better. The heat and sweat can totally mess up everything from eyeliner to your foundation. You will feel as if you just took a beating. And that is just one problem with synthetic cosmetics out of dozen others. Compare the health issues of synthetic makeup with benefits of organic makeup and you have an undisputed winner.

Anyways, if you are worried that natural cosmetics will trade health for looks, don’t worry. Handmade natural cosmetics aren’t only parabens-free – they also give better, fresher appearance because they’re made with natural ingredients.

Following are 7 natural products to look for this summer.

Natural Soaps

Natural Soaps are of more use in summers than in the winters. Summer’s heat can trigger more sweating and more sweating means more bacteria which in ultimately means more odor. Regular use of natural handmade soaps will keep your skin fresh and free from bacteria that cause bad odor. Plus, their natural ingredients will nourish the skin from the inside. Wash the soap off with lukewarm water so the nutrients can work deep action.

Natural Concealers

Powdered natural concealers and foundations are the key to this summer’s fresher look since they are not only natural, but also lighter which means they will not give off that heavy melting feel when you are out there in the blazing heat. Powder is also recommended because it gives you as much coverage you want.

You can use natural concealers with antioxidants and natural extracts to cover the dark spots. These concealers are good for covering and at the same time, improving the skin condition.


Brush your skin with some of that all-natural illuminator and you are ready to gleam. Now while a synthetic illuminator will make the skin glow, a natural illuminator on the other hand will work to keep your skin healthy, prolong its smoothness and reduce the effect of aging.


With foundation and illuminator in place, you can now go for a natural eyeshadow. Needless to say, the shade you will pick must match the occasion and the look you wish to accomplish. For instance, you can go for darker tone if you are looking for that smokey eye look.


Aside from that scorching heat, summertime is never a good time to go for shocking lip shades. Summer is about lightness and the trendy shades for this season are those which are either light or match your natural lip hue. The added advantage of a natural gloss is that natural gloss is enriched with Vitamin E which is beneficial for your lips.


Mascaras are for increasing the volume of lashes but since organic mascaras are free from gluten and other harmful elements, and that they are made from natural ingredients, they can also encourage the natural growth of your lashes and protect them from thinning.


If you are fond for eyeliners, remember – the one to pick this summer should be quick drying and water resistant, not to mention it should be easy to apply. Black shades are common and trendy but if you like being unique there are other shades available.

Lip Saver

Lip savers are also a necessary element of natural makeover this summer since heat doesn’t work well with our lips. A total-organic saver can moisturize the skin of lips and keep the lips soft and free from dryness.

So use the power of natural ingredients this season to not only look beautiful, but also to stay fresh and healthy.

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